The Complete Summary of Samsung’s Announcements at Galaxy Unpacked in Paris

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It’s resistant to water with a rating of IP68 and can resist water up to 10 ATM, allowing you to wear it while showering or washing dishes. It is compatible with any Android device using the Samsung Health app, but it is not supported on iPhones. No subscription is required to access all features; all features are included with the purchase. Additionally, it is integrated with Samsung Find, enabling easy location tracking if misplaced. The included charging case functions similar to wireless earbud cases. Samsung boasts that the Galaxy Ring can maintain a charge for up to seven days, matching the battery life of the Oura Ring.

The ring offers a variety of health-tracking functionalities typical of a smartwatch, such as sleep tracking, menstrual cycle tracking, alerts for high or low heart rates, and automatic workout detection. Samsung has emphasized the use of artificial intelligence in the Ring, employing intelligent algorithms to monitor sleep patterns, snoring, heart rate, and respiratory rate for more comprehensive sleep information.

A notable feature is the Energy Score, which is also found in the new Galaxy Watches. Similar to Fitbit’s Daily Readiness or Garmin’s Body Battery, it evaluates your data and recommends your readiness for the day based on factors like sleep quality and recent activity levels. Throughout the day, you will receive wellness advice to help you stay on track with your health goals. Using both the Galaxy Ring and the new Galaxy Watch series simultaneously may deactivate certain sensors in the watch to conserve battery life, a unique feature that sets it apart from other devices.

Samsung Galaxy Ring
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Photograph: Julian Chokkattu

While the Ring lacks haptic feedback, you can execute basic gesture controls using your fingers for tasks like dismissing an alarm or initiating video recording on your phone. These “Double Pinch Gestures” are also featured in the Galaxy Watch7 series.

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