The Aurora Scandinavian Concours: Gazebos, Allure & Superluxury Cars

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Notable gatherings such as Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, and the Concorso d’Eleganza are regarded as the most elite car exhibitions worldwide. Now, the Aurora Scandinavian Concours “The Aurora” in Båstad, Sweden, aspires to become a part of this esteemed roster. The initial endeavor has left us longing for more and optimistic for a radiant 2025.

The most astounding car affair of the year occurs annually in the third week of August at the esteemed Pebble Beach on the Californian Pacific shore. It is even more exclusive and enchanting at Lake Como, where vintage car admirers convene at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este in the late spring. In the southern region of Sweden, “The Aurora – a Scandinavian Concours” aims to introduce itself as contemporary, invigorating, and equally captivating. The picturesque venue, renowned as “Norrvikens Trädgårdar,” is a stunning botanical garden that has become renowned for hosting exclusive affairs and opulent weddings. The sophisticated manor with its meticulously kept garden appears even more upscale with close to 100 vehicles, including million-dollar timeless cars, notable deluxe models, and potent superluxury cars. Aurora aspires to stand out: contemporary, youthful, and thus more enticing to young car enthusiasts without excluding vintage car collectors.

Leisurely wandering among flower patches and apple trees reveals that million-dollar Koenigsegg machines, Zagato designs, or cutting-edge Porsche 918 racers garner significantly more attention than pre-World War II models from Bentley, Iso Rivolta, Alfa Romeo, or Mercedes, also exhibited at Norrvikens in a play of illumination, darkness, and precipitation. Consequently, the crowd is younger, opting for protective parasols over the traditional straw hats and navy double-breasted jackets, particularly after arriving in their personal sports cars. The Swedish summer is notoriously erratic, but consistent, or even summery weather has been scarce across Europe in recent times. The roughly 6,000 Aurora attendees are only slightly troubled by this—they are prepared for the mix of sunshine and rain, preferring to converse about the automotive treasures on verdant lawns and relish the coastal vistas.

Youths press their faces against beauties like the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, Ferrari Testarossa, or a vibrant yellow BMW 507 and even make a detour to the pavilion where BMW presents its electric futuristic concepts. Nonetheless, at this Scandinavian concours, no one is particularly intrigued by the electronic vehicles of the future. Instead, Ferrari F40 engines are revved to cheers, fantasies are indulged in the plush leather of a Mercedes 540 K, and car collections are fervently discussed. The audience is affluent but not distant, and Båstad, aptly dubbed the Swedish Riviera by Nordic norms, lives up to its reputation. The affair is highlighted by the presence of Swedish Crown Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland and Prince of Sweden, a car enthusiast himself, along with Christian Koenigsegg, whose superluxury car manufacturing facility is less than 30 kilometers from Båstad.

The label of million-dollar record-breakers commemorates its 30th anniversary at The Aurora, appearing alongside Rolls-Royce with deluxe models from the 1994 Silver Spirit, in which Queen Elizabeth once toured Sweden, to the electric Spectre.

Champagne, lobster appetizers, and oysters are as integral to The Aurora Concours as they are at Villa d’Este by Lake Como or The Quail in Pebble Beach. Individuals flaunt their possessions—not solely their cars. Upscale brands, top-tier timepieces, and gemstones shine alongside automotive treasures under the almost setting midnight sun, while the sweet fragrance of cigar fumes drifts through the breeze and casual discussions about the ATP tennis tournament, held a few kilometers away for top players eliminated early from Wimbledon, transpire. At least there are fresh strawberries with cream in Båstad, and nearly everyone favors a flute of champagne to British Pimm’s. Expectations for 2025 are already soaring, with an event on the automotive schedule that presents itself as younger and fresher than many classics.

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