The 2023 Honda Civic Type R Halts Sales Due to Poor Seat Welding: Report

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Reportedly, sales of the 2023 Honda Civic Type R have been paused this week to address issues with incorrect seat welds.

The Civic Type R features specialized, manually adjustable seats that have received noise complaints on the forum Civic XI since at least November. A notice sent to dealers on March 30 and shared on Civic XI revealed that the issue is attributed to “defective welds.” The notice indicates, “Due to errors in production, the frame of the driver’s seat cushion may have inadequate welds, resulting in creaking, rattling noises, or potential breakage of the seat frame weld.” Honda cautioned that weak seat welds could endanger Type R drivers by inadequately restraining them in case of an accident, potentially leading to passengers being thrown or ejected from the vehicle upon impact.

2023 Honda Civic Type R in black, low rear three-quarter
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2023 Honda Civic Type R. Honda

According to reports, Honda has directed dealers to cease sales of the Civic Type R and anticipate a recall. While replacement parts are currently unavailable, owners will be informed and advised to bring their vehicles to a dealership for a complimentary repair if necessary. The recall is not yet listed on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s database. We have contacted Honda for further information but have yet to receive a response; we will update this article once we do.

The seat issues in the Type R highlight a known quality concern within a generation of Civics that is already believed to be experiencing at least one other significant problem. This month, the NHTSA launched an inquiry after receiving 145 complaints regarding steering problems in 2022 and 2023 Civics. Drivers have reported unexpected difficulty in steering, particularly after extended periods of highway driving. The investigation is currently in its preliminary stages and has not resulted in a recall yet.

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