The 1999 Porsche 911 Classic Factory One-Off was Acquired by Jerry Seinfeld for $1.2M

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In a recent development, Porsche disclosed the upcoming auction of the unique 1999 Classic Club Coupe, crafted under Porsche’s special request program called Sonderwunsch. This experimental creation reimagines the design of a 996-generation 911 if the Sonderwunsch program had been available at its launch. The result is a modified 996 model with bespoke bodywork and interior enhancements, now proudly owned by Jerry Seinfeld – a well-known automobile aficionado.

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Broad Arrow Auctions

Renowned for his extensive Porsche collection and significant wealth, it comes as no surprise that Seinfeld clinched the 911 Classic Club Coupe. Among the affluent Porsche collectors, Seinfeld stands out due to his preference for driving rather than storing his valuable cars. It is heartening to know that the Classic Club Coupe won’t be neglected in a secluded storage facility.

What sets the 911 Classic Club Coupe apart? Porsche AG and the Porsche Club of America collaborated in its creation. Its distinct bodywork and interior were crafted by Grant Larson, the mind behind the original Boxster and a contributor to the Carrera GT, resembling a 911 Sport Classic from the ’90s. The unique features like the ducktail spoiler, Fuchs wheels, and double-bubble roof differentiate it from any other 996 911 produced.

The pepita-pattern seats and blue stitching also contribute to its exclusive cabin ambiance. To serve as a constant reminder of its uniqueness, there’s a “001/001” plaque. Enjoy an album showcasing close-up shots from the original listing to revisit its beauty:

The Classic Club Coupe is driven by a 3.6-liter Mezger flat-six from the 996.2 911 GT3, producing 381 horsepower and revving to 8,000 rpm. Naturally, it features a six-speed manual transmission with a distinctive gear lever.

Seinfeld acquired the Classic Club Coupe for $1.3 million at Broad Arrow’s Porsche 75th Anniversary Auction, and the 911 found a deserving collector. Seinfeld will maintain it properly, and hopefully, we will spot him driving it around soon.

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