Tesla Recalls Every Cybertruck Over Accelerator Pedal Sticking at 100%

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Tesla Cybertruck Recall: Accelerator Pedal Issue Leads to Complete Recall

Tesla Cybertruck Recalled Due to Accelerator Pedal Malfunction

The Tesla Cybertruck has been subjected to a massive recall due to a critical flaw in its accelerator pedal that could potentially cause the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably. According to documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), all 3,878 Cybertrucks manufactured from November to April have been affected by this issue.

Details of the Accelerator Pedal Problem

The NHTSA explains that the aluminum cover of the accelerator pedal can dislodge under high force, becoming stuck in a position that keeps the pedal fully engaged. This could lead to unintended acceleration, making it challenging for drivers to regain control. However, applying the brake pedal simultaneously will cut drive torque to the Cybertruck, enabling drivers to slow down and avert any potential accidents.

Root Cause of the Issue

Tesla attributes this defect to an unauthorized alteration in the production process that introduced soap residue to the pedal assembly, compromising the attachment of the pad to the pedal.

Actions Taken by Tesla

Despite no reported accidents or injuries related to the faulty pedals, Tesla has initiated a comprehensive recall. Starting April 17, all new Cybertruck models are being equipped with an updated pedal assembly. Affected Cybertruck owners will be notified by April 19 to schedule necessary repairs at Tesla service centers, where technicians will either replace or modify the assembly to prevent any future incidents.


The safety of Tesla’s vehicles is paramount, and this recall underscores the company’s commitment to addressing potential hazards promptly. By proactively tackling this issue and implementing corrective measures, Tesla aims to ensure the continued safety and satisfaction of its Cybertruck owners.


1. How many Cybertrucks are affected by the recall?

All 3,878 Cybertrucks produced between November and April have been recalled due to the accelerator pedal issue.

2. Has Tesla reported any accidents caused by this problem?

As of April 15, Tesla has not reported any accidents, injuries, or fatalities resulting from the accelerator pedal malfunction.

3. What caused the accelerator pedal problem?

The accelerator pedal issue was traced back to the introduction of soap residue during an unauthorized modification in the production process, affecting the attachment of the pad to the pedal.

4. What steps are being taken to address the accelerator pedal problem?

Tesla is replacing or modifying the pedal assembly in all affected Cybertrucks to prevent any instances of unintended acceleration.

By promptly addressing this issue and prioritizing customer safety, Tesla demonstrates its commitment to quality and reliability in its vehicles.

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