Swansway Motor Group sets strategic focus on used car sales

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Title: Swansway Motor Group Thrives with Focus on Used Car Sales in 2023


In 2023, Swansway Motor Group, a renowned North-west-based motor group, continues to excel in the automotive industry, emphasizing used car sales amidst industry transitions towards an agency model.

Strategic Focus on Used Car Sales:

  • Financial Performance: Swansway Motor Group reported a robust financial performance in 2023, with profits amounting to £14.4 million, resulting in a pre-tax profit of £13.4 million. This commendable achievement is noteworthy against challenges like the cost-of-living crisis and increased interest rates.

  • Operational Growth: The group experienced a turnover of £941 million, signifying a remarkable 24% increase from the previous year. With an EBITDA of £24 million and a gross profit of £54 million, Swansway showcased its operational strength in 2023.

  • Industry Trends: Amidst a landscape where vehicle supply started to stabilize and electrification gained momentum, Swansway witnessed a surge in new car volume nearing pre-pandemic levels. Furthermore, used car sales saw a notable 7% increase year-on-year, signaling the group’s commitment to the used car segment.

Future Outlook:

  • Strategic Focus: Swansway Motor Group reiterates its commitment to focusing on used car sales in the upcoming years, aligning with the industry shift towards an agency model. This strategic decision positions the group well in adapting to evolving market dynamics.

  • Financial Stability: Demonstrating financial prudence, the group reduced non-stakeholder borrowings from £17 million to £14 million in 2023, reflecting a proactive approach to minimize interest burdens and strengthen fiscal resilience.

  • Director’s Perspective: Peter Smyth, a director at Swansway Motor Group, expressed optimism about the industry’s trajectory, emphasizing the group’s strong financial standing with £68 million in net assets. Smyth highlighted the readiness of the group to capitalize swiftly on emerging opportunities amidst industry consolidation.


Swansway Motor Group’s strategic focus on used car sales in 2023 has not only fueled operational growth but also positioned the group for future success in a rapidly evolving automotive landscape. With a solid financial foundation and a proactive stance towards market changes, Swansway is poised to navigate industry dynamics adeptly.


1. What was Swansway Motor Group’s financial performance in 2023?

In 2023, Swansway Motor Group reported profits of £14.4 million, resulting in a pre-tax profit of £13.4 million, showcasing a robust financial performance amidst industry challenges.

2. How did Swansway Motor Group address industry transitions in 2023?

Swansway Motor Group emphasized used car sales and reduced non-stakeholder borrowings to £14 million in 2023, aligning with the shift towards an agency model and promoting financial stability.

3. What growth areas did Swansway Motor Group focus on in 2023?

Swansway Motor Group experienced a 24% increase in turnover, with a notable 7% rise in used car sales compared to the previous year, underscoring the group’s commitment to operational and strategic growth.

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