Subaru BRZ Touge Edition: Fantastic Gold Wheels With STI Flair

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Subaru BRZ Touge Edition: A Stylish Tribute to the STI Heritage

Subaru BRZ Touge Edition: A Look at the STI Inspired Model

Subaru enthusiasts have long awaited a true BRZ STI model, but Subaru has yet to fulfill that dream. However, Italian customers are in for a treat with the Subaru BRZ Touge Edition. This special edition model embodies the STI aesthetics without the mechanical enhancements commonly associated with the STI badge. The Touge Edition features distinctive features like blue paint, a lower front lip, a rear spoiler, side skirts, and eye-catching gold 18-inch O.Z. Ultraleggera wheels reminiscent of the STI design language.

Aesthetics and Performance of the BRZ Touge Edition

While the BRZ Touge Edition exudes STI DNA in its appearance, mechanically, it remains identical to the standard BRZ. Powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine delivering 228 horsepower and 182 lb-ft of torque, this model retains the six-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential. Customers can choose the striking gold wheels or opt for dark gray 18-inch wheels, although the latter comes with Yokohama BluEarth Winter tires, sacrificing some of the performance offered by the O.Z. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

Comparison with Other Special Edition Models

The Touge Edition is not the only special BRZ model to hit the market recently. In the U.S., Subaru introduced the BRZ tS with enhanced suspension and Brembo brakes. While the Touge Edition is visually striking, the BRZ tS offers mechanical upgrades. Moreover, the Japanese-exclusive BRZ STI Sport also debuted with improved suspension and braking systems.

Pricing and Availability

Interestingly, the BRZ Touge Edition, despite being solely a cosmetic update, stands out as the priciest among the three new special editions. With only 60 units set to be produced, each priced at just over $52,000 (€49,500) in Italy, this limited-edition model commands a premium compared to the BRZ STI Sport and the BRZ tS. Despite the steep price tag, given the exclusivity and the absence of a standard BRZ variant on Subaru Italy’s website, enthusiasts may see the Touge Edition as a unique opportunity to own one of the most exhilarating rear-wheel-drive cars on the market.


The Subaru BRZ Touge Edition celebrates the spirit of the STI lineage with its distinctive design elements, offering enthusiasts a visual homage to the iconic STI models. Although lacking mechanical enhancements, this special edition embraces the sporty essence of the BRZ platform, appealing to drivers seeking both style and performance.


1. What sets the Subaru BRZ Touge Edition apart from the standard BRZ?

The Touge Edition distinguishes itself with STI-inspired aesthetics, including blue paint, a lower front lip, rear spoiler, side skirts, and gold wheels, while maintaining the standard BRZ’s mechanical configuration.

2. How does the BRZ Touge Edition compare to other special edition models like the BRZ tS and BRZ STI Sport?

While the Touge Edition focuses on visual enhancements, the BRZ tS and BRZ STI Sport offer upgraded suspension and braking systems, catering to enthusiasts seeking enhanced performance along with stylish design cues.

3. What is the pricing and availability of the Subaru BRZ Touge Edition?

Priced at over $52,000 (€49,500) with only 60 units slated for production in Italy, the Touge Edition is positioned as a limited-edition, premium offering, appealing to buyers looking for exclusivity in the BRZ lineup.

By blending STI-inspired aesthetics and the sporty essence of the BRZ platform, the Subaru BRZ Touge Edition stands out as a unique and compelling option for discerning automotive enthusiasts.

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