Store Transforms GMC Sierra Into Contemporary Jimmy SUV, and It’s Available for Purchase

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It’s the season when the web is filled with quirky SEMA creations that are out of reach for most. However, this contemporary take on the GMC Jimmy stands out as it’s not just a unique showpiece truck: It’s a professionally crafted single-cab short-bed model that the creator intends to sell in batches—though if you’re interested, you’ll need to act fast.

Previously highlighted as a work in progress, we now delve into a conversation with Rob Hester, the mastermind behind these creations and the owner of Flat Out Autos, regarding their assembly process. Hester shared that these vehicles are constructed from brand-new 2022 GMC Sierra long-bed, single-cab trucks, known for being the most budget-friendly models with a V8 engine option (specifically the 5.3-liter). He explained that shortening the frame was a simpler task than one might imagine, involving precise cuts rather than random sawing, and mainly consisted of grinding down original welds. The extension of the rear frame could then be shifted inward and welded back, maintaining the original anchor points for the suspension, trailer hitch, spare tire, and so forth.

The next step involved shortening the driveshaft and installing the 5-foot-8 short bed from the crew cab, a step that Hester mentioned aligns seamlessly with the single cab model. While the 5.3-liter variant remains the sole V8 option on the original trucks, Hester expressed a willingness to accommodate any drivetrain upgrades a customer desires, noting that someone had recently ordered a supercharged 5.3-liter engine.

These new Jimmys (Jimmies?) might be compact, but their price tags are substantial, starting at a hefty $130,000 (inclusive of the donor truck’s cost). The showcased black vehicle, set to debut at SEMA, features optional upgrades like Fox shocks and BDS suspension components, with additional offerings such as power steps and roof racks on the table. While some units have already been sold, including the black model, there are still available slots for 2023. Hester mentioned receiving around 50 inquiries since sharing images of the black vehicle last weekend, indicating a quick sellout before SEMA. With mere weeks to go, aspiring buyers have a deadline to gather the required $130,000 for their very own Jimmy—even though that amount could probably get you an original model for a similar price.

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