Stolen Nissan 240SX Spent 32 Years in a Lake and Still Looks Driftable

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Nissan 240SX Found in Lake After 32 Years: A Story of Rediscovery


A stolen Nissan 240SX that went missing in 1992 has resurfaced from the depths of Lake Gaston near the Virginia-North Carolina border. The Virginia State Police found the sunken car during a routine training dive, leading to a renewed investigation into its mysterious disappearance.

Uncovering a Decades-Old Mystery

The Nissan S13, stolen from Ft. Liberty (formerly Ft. Bragg) in North Carolina on July 4, 1992, was discovered by the Virginia State Police using side-sonar equipment. The car, found upside down in the lake, raises questions about its journey from theft to submersion.

A Tragic Yet Intriguing Find

Despite spending over three decades underwater, the Nissan 240SX remains a subject of fascination among car enthusiasts. Despite its dilapidated state, with rust, damage, and muck, its potential for restoration or modification hasn’t escaped the attention of enthusiasts.

Potential for Car Enthusiasts

Enthusiasts have shown interest in salvaging parts of the car for restoration projects. Some have expressed interest in buying it outright or repurposing it for creative ventures, highlighting the enduring allure of classic cars even in the most unexpected circumstances.


The rediscovery of the stolen Nissan 240SX after 32 years serves as a testament to the enduring intrigue that surrounds automotive mysteries. While its physical condition may be dire, its symbolic value as a piece of automotive history has sparked curiosity and imagination among enthusiasts.


1. How was the stolen Nissan 240SX discovered?

The car was found by the Virginia State Police’s search and rescue team using side-sonar equipment during a training exercise in Lake Gaston.

2. What was the condition of the car upon discovery?

After spending 32 years submerged in the lake, the Nissan 240SX suffered extensive rust, damage, and muck accumulation. However, certain parts of the car were deemed salvageable by enthusiasts.

3. What are enthusiasts planning to do with the car?

Enthusiasts have expressed interest in either restoring the car or repurposing it for creative projects, showcasing the enduring appeal of classic cars even in challenging conditions.

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