Starlink set to access Sri Lanka following the enactment of a new bill

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Starlink is poised to secure entry into Sri Lanka once a new telecommunications bill is approved by parliament. With the passage of this bill, Starlink will be eligible to seek a permit and launch its services in Sri Lanka. 

As per Sri Lanka’s State Minister of Technology, Kanaka Herath, the new telecommunications bill will introduce a fresh license classification. Within this classification, Starlink can seek authorization to operate as a licensed service provider in Sri Lanka. 

The Sri Lankan parliament is scheduled to deliberate on the new telecommunications bill on Tuesday, July 9, 2024. Minister Herath emphasized that this marks the first alteration to the Telecommunication Act in 28 years by the parliament. 

“The modification will facilitate the issuance of three novel license categories, one of which would authorize Starlink to deliver internet connectivity,” communicated the Minister of Technology to Economic Times.

In June, Sri Lanka granted preliminary consent to Elon Musk’s Starlink internet service following public consultations. The government expedited the approval process for Starlink after Musk engaged with Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe in Indonesia during the 10th World Water Forum. 

SpaceX is obligated to pay a tariff to secure Starlink’s new classification license in Sri Lanka. The Minister refrained from specifying the precise tariff amount. 

“There exist numerous hurdles in erecting telecom towers, however, Starlink can enhance internet accessibility swiftly, especially in rural regions, and bolster economic advancement,’ as stated by Minister Herath.

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Starlink to gain access to Sri Lanka after new bill

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