Rimac Teases an Unexpected Hatchback, and the Official Reveal is Set for June 26

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Renowned for his exceptional performance innovations, Mate Rimac was among the pioneering minds in demonstrating the capabilities of electric hypercars. Now, in a surprising move, the brilliant mind behind the Bugatti collaboration has hinted at a hatchback design, potentially introducing an affordable electric vehicle that has long been awaited.

A video shared on Instagram by Rimac showcases a stop-motion portrayal of a hatchback’s outline moving across the screen. The artistic presentation with car cutouts set against vivid cityscape backgrounds and an original musical score evoking urban drives hints at a compact city car, a segment eagerly anticipated in markets like the United States. The big reveal date is now confirmed for June 26.

“On the 26th of June, we are preparing to unveil something truly exceptional that has been in the works for the past five years. Keep an eye out for more updates,” Rimac announced.

Not much in the video except what’s mentioned above, with a couple of minor details that may hint at what to anticipate. The clip begins with a portrayal of sci-fi writer Jules Verne, indicating the car might be a nod to classics in the genre (rather than the 1980s films being exploited by a specific car manufacturer). A feline drifts by towards the end, but its significance remains a mystery to me.

Since Rimac has ties to the VW Group through Bugatti, it’s plausible this vehicle could carry a different badge than Rimac. Yet, irrespective of the label, it’s challenging to envision this car revolutionizing affordable EVs like Rimac did with high-performance cars. The angled windshield and roofline don’t exactly imply a practical economy vehicle; they seem more fitting for a spirited hot hatch instead. At least it’s confirmed it won’t be an SUV.

If anything, the car’s outline somewhat resembles a VW Scirocco. While there are speculations of the Scirocco making a return as an EV, indications suggest this concept is still in its early stages compared to this car—which Rimac states has been in development for five years. It’s impossible to accurately predict what’s in store, but it appears prudent to anticipate a revelation as impactful as the Concept One was a decade ago. Furthermore, given VW’s authorization to distribute Rimacs in the U.S., the chances are high that this won’t remain an elusive marvel.

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