Regular 2012 Ram 1500 With a Hellcat Swap Is a Total Sleeper for $50,000

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Hellcat-Swapped 2012 Ram 1500: The Ultimate Sleeper Truck for $50,000

If you’re a fan of trucks and appreciate the art of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary, then the Hellcat-swapped 2012 Ram 1500 currently up for sale in Pasadena, Texas, might catch your eye. Priced at $50,000, this modified Ram 1500 packs a serious punch and offers a unique blend of power and stealth.

Unveiling a Sleeper Beast

This 2012 Ram 1500 may not boast the rugged off-road capabilities of a factory-built TRX, but it certainly makes up for it in sheer performance. With a Hellcat engine swap, this truck is a true sleeper, concealing its immense power behind a relatively nondescript facade. Sporting a set of Hoosier tires at the rear, it hints at the beast that lies within.

Performance Upgrades Galore

Behind the scenes, this Ram 1500 has undergone extensive upgrades to maximize its performance. From E85 fuel tuning to upgraded pulleys, ARH long tube headers, and a custom camshaft, every aspect of the engine has been meticulously enhanced. The addition of a Forced Inductions Interchiller ensures that the intake air remains cool for optimal performance.

The Thrill of the Drive

With no official dyno figures available, it’s safe to assume that this modified Ram 1500 churns out more power to the wheels than a stock Hellcat cranks out. The performance enhancements extend beyond the engine, with a custom driveshaft, reinforced suspension components, and upgraded brakes ensuring that this truck not only goes fast but handles like a dream.

A Professional Touch

The engine work on this Ram 1500 was carried out by the reputed Texas House of Hemi, adding a layer of credibility to the build. The truck’s listing on the Facebook Marketplace showcases its capabilities, making a compelling case for any enthusiast looking to own a unique and powerful machine.


In the realm of high-performance trucks, the Hellcat-swapped 2012 Ram 1500 stands out as a true sleeper, combining unassuming looks with unparalleled power. Priced at $50,000, this customized Ram offers a blend of performance and exclusivity that is hard to match. For truck enthusiasts seeking a one-of-a-kind driving experience, this modified Ram 1500 presents a tempting proposition.

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1. How much is the Hellcat-swapped 2012 Ram 1500 listed for?

The truck is listed for $50,000 in Pasadena, Texas, making it a unique and relatively affordable option given its performance capabilities.

2. Who performed the engine work on the Ram 1500?

The engine work was done by the reputable Texas House of Hemi, ensuring that the modifications were professionally executed.

3. What upgrades does the Hellcat-swapped Ram 1500 feature?

The truck comes equipped with E85 fuel tuning, upgraded pulleys, long tube headers, a custom camshaft, and an Interchiller to maintain optimal intake temperatures, among other enhancements.

4. Does the Ram 1500 offer improved handling as well?

Yes, in addition to engine upgrades, the truck features custom suspension components, a reinforced drivetrain, and upgraded brakes to deliver not just raw power but also impressive handling capabilities.

5. Why should someone consider buying this modified Ram 1500?

For truck enthusiasts looking for a blend of performance, exclusivity, and a unique driving experience, the Hellcat-swapped 2012 Ram 1500 presents a compelling option at $50,000.

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