Recovering This Destroyed Ram TRX That Fell Off Moab Cliff Took Creativity

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Recovering This Destroyed Ram TRX That Fell Off Moab Cliff Took Creativity

Any off-road enthusiast can attest that breaking things while exploring is part of the thrill. For this particular incident, a brand-new Ram TRX met a dramatic fate as it rolled off a cliff in Utah, sustaining heavy damage along the way down. Remarkably, no injuries were reported in the accident; the truck sacrificed itself to the rocky descent. The recovery task fell on the shoulders of the Moab Motorsports crew, turning into a challenging mission of pulling the wrecked TRX from its ravine.

A Creative Recovery Effort

Rory Irish, renowned as the owner of Trail Mater, led a team to salvage the Hellcat-powered pickup from the depths of the canyon. Negotiating the rugged terrain to reach the TRX was no small feat as safety precautions were paramount. To avoid obstructing the trail, the team secured permissions from the Bureau of Land Management and SITLA, allowing them off-trail access for the recovery operation.

Overcoming Obstacles

The unfortunate TRX was a write-off, with its body panels mangled, airbags deployed, and its frame and suspension rendered twisted. This situation freed the recovery team from the constraints of preserving the truck’s integrity. Despite the challenging journey through various obstacles, Irish’s crew improvised with straps, pulleys, and natural elements to gradually extricate the TRX. A specialized buggy aided in navigating the rugged terrain while towing the vehicle by its front end.

Successful Retrieval

After meticulous efforts, the resilience of the team paid off as they successfully hauled the TRX out of its predicament. Tow Mater assisted in the final stages of the recovery, concluding the arduous task with a display of skillful wheelies. Noteworthy is that the entire operation was carried out pro bono, emphasizing a commitment beyond mere publicity. Irish highlighted the mission’s integrity in a video account, distinguishing it from the exploitative practices of another unmentioned YouTuber who vied for the recovery job.


The recovery of the demolished Ram TRX from its cliffside misadventure stands as a testament to perseverance, creativity, and a deep respect for off-road ethics. Despite facing a wrecked vehicle and treacherous terrain, the collaborative efforts of the Moab Motorsports crew, led by Rory Irish, underscored a dedication to responsible recovery practices and environmental stewardship.


Q: How did the Moab Motorsports crew tackle the challenging recovery of the Ram TRX?

A: The crew leveraged innovative methods involving straps, pulleys, and the natural landscape to extract the TRX from the ravine.

Q: Were there any injuries reported in the accident involving the Ram TRX?

A: Fortunately, no injuries occurred in the crash; the truck sustained substantial damage, but everyone remained unharmed.

Q: Who led the recovery mission of the Ram TRX, and why was it notable?

A: Rory Irish, known for Trail Mater, spearheaded the retrieval, emphasizing ethical recovery practices and undertaking the operation without charge to maintain integrity.

Q: Why did the recovery team seek permissions before the off-trail operation?

A: To ensure safety and compliance, the team obtained approvals from the Bureau of Land Management and SITLA to venture off the regular trail for the recovery effort.# Title: The Future of Off-Roading in Moab: Enthusiasts Play a Vital Role


Off-roading enthusiasts in Moab, Utah, are facing challenges due to land closures and irresponsible behavior on the trails. The local 4×4 community is vital for businesses like Moab Motorsports, contributing to the economy and preserving the off-roading culture. However, recent incidents have raised concerns about the future of off-roading in Moab.

The Current Situation:

Irresponsible off-roading behavior and land closures have put the future of off-roading in Moab at risk. The actions of a few individuals can impact the entire off-roading community and the local economy.

The Importance of Responsible Off-Roading:

Mindful recoveries and responsible off-roading practices are crucial for the sustainability of off-roading in Moab. Enthusiasts must lead by example and educate others about the importance of preserving the trails and respecting the environment.

Community Involvement:

Local off-roading businesses, like Moab Motorsports, rely on the support of enthusiasts to thrive. Residents who are part of the off-roading community play a significant role in representing the hobby and setting a positive example for visitors.


Preserving the future of off-roading in Moab requires a collective effort from all enthusiasts. By promoting responsible off-roading practices and respecting the environment, the off-roading community can ensure the longevity of this beloved activity in Moab.


What are the challenges facing off-roading enthusiasts in Moab?

Off-roaders in Moab are dealing with land closures and irresponsible behavior that threaten the future of off-roading in the area. It is essential for enthusiasts to practice responsible off-roading to address these challenges.

How can off-roaders contribute to preserving off-roading in Moab?

Off-roaders can contribute by following designated trails, practicing mindful recoveries, and educating others about responsible off-roading practices. By respecting the environment and supporting local businesses, enthusiasts can help ensure the sustainability of off-roading in Moab.

Why is the support of local off-roading businesses important?

Local off-roading businesses, such as Moab Motorsports, rely on the patronage of enthusiasts to survive. By supporting these businesses, off-roaders can contribute to the local economy and demonstrate their commitment to the off-roading community in Moab.

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