Novel Year, Novel Ford Recall for 112,965 F-150s That Might Wander Away

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Ford has recalled nearly 113,000 F-150 pickup trucks due to rear axle hub bolts that could fail from fatigue, potentially causing damage to the rear axles. The car manufacturer is actively working on a resolution and will provide servicing for any affected vehicles until a permanent recall solution is ready.

The concern impacts 112,965 F-150s manufactured from model years 2021 to 2023 and featuring the Trailer Tow Max Duty package, equipped with the 9.75-inch heavy-duty rear axle. In these trucks, the bolt keeping the hub connected to the axle is prone to metal fatigue and could fracture independently. This could lead to movement of the axle splines, causing them to wear due to friction. This situation could potentially render the truck immobile, resulting in a loss of wheel power. It might also enable parked trucks to move if the parking brake is not engaged.

2023 F-150 Heritage Edition
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2023 F-150 Heritage Edition. Ford

recall lookup for preliminary awareness.

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