New Lexus Overtrail Trim Will Expand to Other Off-Road SUVs

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Breaking News: Lexus to Expand Overtrail Trim to Other Off-Road SUVs


The unveiling of the 2024 Lexus GX introduces a remarkable shift in Lexus’s traditional design approach for SUVs. Unlike its predecessors, the GX features a robust body-on-frame construction with a newfound emphasis on off-road capabilities, particularly showcased in the newly introduced Overtrail trim. This model, equipped with distinctive features like 33-inch Toyo all-terrain tires, 18-inch wheels, eKDSS suspension, and dual locking differentials, has drawn significant attention since its recent debut. Exciting news awaits as Lexus expresses intentions to extend the Overtrail lineup to other upcoming models.

Chief Engineer’s Insights

During a recent media interview attended by The Drive, GX Chief Engineer Koji Tsukaski shed light on this expansion plan. Tsukaski cautiously hinted at future Overtrail editions, saying, “We had to establish a precedence for Overtrail… we first need to make sure we establish Overtrail with the GX.” He mentioned closely monitoring customer feedback while contemplating this natural progression towards additional Overtrail models.

Potential Overtrail Models

The likelihood of the LX 600 being the next candidate for an Overtrail variant seems promising. Sharing the same platform as the GX, the LX 600 boasts a robust foundation proven in Toyota’s off-road lineup. While a more rugged LX version featuring three locking differentials has been showcased internationally, Lexus may take a more refined approach while retaining its trail-worthy essence, contrasting with extreme aftermarket modifications.

Exclusive Offering

Noteworthy is Tsukaski’s affirmation that Overtrail will remain an exclusive offering for Lexus, allowing Toyota to focus on its existing four-wheeling trims like TRD Off-Road, TRD Pro, and the new Trailhunter spec. The overwhelmingly positive response to the 2024 GX indicates a high demand for more Overtrail iterations, illustrating that the question now revolves around when, not if, Lexus will introduce additional models.


Lexus’s venture into the Overtrail trim signifies a new era for the brand, blending luxury with off-road prowess. With the future expansion of this rugged lineup to encompass other off-road SUVs, Lexus enthusiasts have much to anticipate in terms of performance and design enhancements across the model range.


Which Lexus model introduced the Overtrail trim?

The Overtrail trim was first unveiled on the 2024 Lexus GX, marking a notable departure in Lexus’s SUV design philosophy towards enhanced off-road capabilities.

Will the Overtrail trim be available on other Lexus models?

Lexus plans to extend the Overtrail lineup to other models in the near future, following the positive reception of the 2024 GX. Future releases may include the LX 600 and potentially other off-road SUVs from Lexus.

What distinguishes the Overtrail trim from standard Lexus SUVs?

The Overtrail trim offers distinctive features tailored for off-road adventures, such as 33-inch all-terrain tires, dual locking differentials, and specialized suspension systems, ensuring improved performance in challenging terrains.

Is the Overtrail trim exclusive to Lexus models?

Yes, the Overtrail trim is an exclusive offering for Lexus vehicles, maintaining a distinct identity separate from Toyota’s off-road trim packages like TRD Off-Road and TRD Pro.

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