Must-Have Camping Gear for Festivals that Will Make Your Life Easier

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If you’ve just wrapped up the Big Red Bash or are gearing up for the Mundi Mundi festival, along with a range of other RV-friendly events, it’s time to gear up for the festival and events season. Your RV is all set, so let’s explore some essential camping gear for festivals. Here are 10 items that you’ll wish you had bought earlier!

1. Rolling Cooler

While stationed in the concert area for an extended period, the last thing you want is to lose your prime spot when you need a drink refill. Sure, you could use any ordinary cooler, but lugging it filled from your RV to the concert area can be quite a hassle. Enter the rolling cooler – a simple solution to this problem.

2. Portable Solar Panel

Since most sites at music camping festivals lack power supply, you’ll need some assistance from the sun to keep your essentials like phones, cameras, and portable fridge charged. While a generator could work, many festivals prohibit them due to the confined camping spaces and noise. This portable solar panel will continue to be handy long after the festival ends.

3. Grill Arm Kit

Music camping festivals are all about socializing, and this grill arm kit makes outdoor cooking with your group even more convenient. Attaching to your caravan drawbar or rear bar, it provides a sturdy and out-of-the-way spot for your BBQ or gas cooker. Just swing it aside when not in use.

4. Privacy Screen for Caravan Awning

At times, you might want to shield yourself from the afternoon sun or simply create some privacy from your curious camping neighbor. A privacy screen for caravan awning is a versatile camping gear you can make use of wherever you journey in your RV.

5. Additional Cassette for Your Toilet

While music camping festivals may provide toilets, by the end of the event, they can get pretty unappealing despite the volunteers’ efforts to maintain cleanliness. This is where having an extra cassette for your toilet comes in handy. It will allow you to camp off-grid for longer periods in the future. Consider a composting toilet for caravans if you want to extend the time between emptying your toilet.

6. Obtain a Muk Mat

No one enjoys finding sand in their bed. A Muk Mat is a simple solution for this issue. Encourage your partner and kids to properly wipe their feet to keep the sand out.

7. Durable Wine Tumbler

Since many music camping festivals ban glassware in the concert area, you’ll need to switch from your regular wine glass to something more sturdy like this camping wine tumbler.

8. Sirocco Fan

Considering most camping music festivals offer unpowered sites, running an air conditioner may pose a challenge. However, having a reliable 12V fan as a backup can help eliminate the stuffiness inside your RV.

9. Locking Wheel Clamp

The last thing you’d want is to return to your RV at day’s end only to find it missing. This camping gear will deter thieves, not just at the festival but anywhere you travel with your RV.

10. Noise-Canceling Ear Plugs

Lastly, a set of simple earplugs is a cost-effective and practical essential for festival camping. Sharing close quarters means there’ll always be someone noisily stumbling back to the campsite on some night. Block them out with these budget-friendly earplugs.

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