Motoring Tips Podcast Episode 224: Leasing an Electric Vehicle, Virginia Relents, Reasons Behind the Slow Progress of the Charging Infrastructure Initiative | The Daily Drive

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Are you prepared to lease an EV?

Renting an EV
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Renting an EV

Whether you operate a vehicle, require one, or occasionally hitch a ride with companions, you’ve reached the right destination. Join Jill and Tom as they dissect all the happenings in the automotive realm. Fresh car evaluations, buying suggestions, eco-friendly driving, electric vehicles, vintage cars, and a bunch of fantastic guests. Welcome to the Motoring Tips Podcast.

Chapter: 224

Air Date: June 10, 2024

Visitor: Larry Nutson



Larry Nutson from The Auto Channel fills in for Jill this week. Larry and Tom kicked off the show by talking about one of Tom’s spontaneous X/Twitter surveys, which included the choice of owning a Fisker ocean. Tune in for more details.


Among the various topics covered in the initial segment by the presenters, Larry delved into the experience of leasing an electric car, a process he found generally comfortable and smooth. Larry and Tom also deliberated on a recent decision by the Governor of Virginia to withdraw from its commitment with California to implement and uphold the emissions-free vehicle regulations and adoption objectives of the latter state.


In the subsequent segment, Larry provides an update on the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure initiative (NEVI), sanctioned as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. Addressing criticisms from skeptics regarding the sluggish advancement of the EV charging infrastructure scheme, Larry outlined the procedures whereby individual states must formulate strategies and secure federal authorization to secure funding.


In the final segment, Tom challenges Larry with his “Titans of the Auto Trade” quiz. Can you decipher what the “P” in Walter P. Chrysler signifies?


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