Mitsubishi Plans to Bring Back Ralliart Brand and Reenter Motorsport

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Following the discontinuation of the Lancer Evolution X, Mitsubishi fell into a period of decline. Among the limited range of cars they produce, none stand out significantly, with the Eclipse Cross even being considered a departure from Mitsubishi’s once prestigious legacy. However, there are now indications that Mitsubishi is on a path to realign its course, with the recent confirmation of the revival of its high-performance and motorsport division, Ralliart.

The return of Ralliart was officially announced by Mitsubishi on Tuesday, as part of the “Toward the Realization of Mitsubishi Motors-ness” section of their fiscal 2020 financial report. While the report mainly focuses on plans to introduce Ralliart-branded enhancements for existing Mitsubishi models (specifics yet to be disclosed), Mitsubishi Motors CEO Takao Kato has also confirmed their intention to reengage in motorsport activities.

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Mitsubishi’s Ralliart revival slide, Mitsubishi Motors

“To provide customers with an authentic Mitsubishi experience, we will introduce tailor-made accessories for our existing models and make a return to various motorsport competitions globally,” Kato stated in an interview with Forbes.

Interestingly, Mitsubishi reiterates the term realization of Mitsubishi-ness multiple times within the document, once in reference to the transition towards electric and hybrid drivetrains, shared with their partners in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, and again in an announcement confirming the arrival of two new models expected in 2023 or later.

Given the pivotal role of Ralliart in this strategic shift, it hints at the potential introduction of performance-oriented models, possibly reminiscent of the iconic Lancer Evolution. With past speculations about a return featuring Renault power back in 2019, the revival of the Evo might not be entirely out of the question.

The Drive has reached out to Mitsubishi for further details on their plans for the Ralliart brand in the United States, and any updates will be included in this story.

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