Mercedes-Benz CLS Discontinued by Summer’s End

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The production of the Mercedes CLS will come to a halt on August 31, ushering a new era for Mercedes-Benz as it focuses on electric vehicles and streamlines its vehicle lineup.

The Mercedes CLS, part of its third generation, will bid farewell alongside the E-Class with shared components but with no plans for a new CLS iteration in the future.

Mercedes-Benz USA’s spokesperson told The Drive: “The decision to discontinue the CLS aligns with our product strategy and the transition to the 214 model series.”

For fans of the sleek design, Mercedes suggests exploring the new electric models like the Mercedes EQE or EQS as alternatives.

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Mercedes-Benz’s spokesperson mentioned, “Our current lineup emphasizes design appeal, particularly with models like the coupe-styled EQE and EQS, providing attractive design alternatives at multiple price points. Additionally, the 4-door AMG GT will remain in our range as a premium addition.”

While the discontinuation of the CLS is a logical move by Mercedes, it marks the end of an era as it was a pioneer in the four-door coupe segment. Other auto manufacturers have followed suit with their own stylish models, yet the CLS will always hold a special place for being the trailblazer back in 2006.

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