Make This V8-Powered Vintage Sprint Car Your Budget Track Toy

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Vintage Sprint Car with V8 Engine Available for Budget-Friendly Track Experience

Are you a track enthusiast looking for an exhilarating experience without breaking the bank? Look no further than this vintage sprint car from the 1960s, equipped with a powerful Ford V8 engine. Let’s delve into what makes this classic racer a unique find and a thrilling option for your next track day adventure.

A Glimpse into Racing History

This particular sprint car holds a special place in the racing world, being one of only 99 built under the commission of Luke Bogar, the renowned owner of Bogar’s Speed Shop in the ’60s. Meticulously restored by its previous owner, this car boasts a rich history, with its original “Bogar’s Special” livery paying homage to Gene Varner, one of its legendary drivers.

Power and Performance

Under the hood lies a robust 390 cubic-inch Ford V8 engine, complete with a Holley four-barrel carburetor and an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, ensuring a race-ready performance. With its manual gearbox requiring a push-start, this sprint car promises an authentic racing experience that is both thrilling and nostalgic.

Racing-Ready Features

Designed for oval dirt tracks, this sprint car features oversized Hoosier rear tires for superior traction, while lightweight magnesium wheels wrapped in front Firestones enhance its agility. Equipped with four-wheel disc brakes for precision stopping and a Schroeder steering box for responsive handling, this vintage racer is poised to deliver an adrenaline-filled ride.


For racing enthusiasts seeking an affordable yet high-octane track experience, this V8-powered vintage sprint car presents a compelling choice. With its unique heritage, powerful engine, and race-ready features, it offers a blend of performance and nostalgia that is sure to captivate any motorsport enthusiast.


What makes vintage sprint cars unique?

Vintage sprint cars are characterized by their classic race car looks, powerful engines, and minimalist design, making them a favorite among collectors and racing enthusiasts.

Is this vintage sprint car suitable for beginners?

While this sprint car offers a thrilling and authentic racing experience, its high power and manual gearbox may require some driving skills and experience to handle effectively on the track.

Can I convert this sprint car for street use?

Due to its specialized design and racing features, converting this vintage sprint car for street use may not be practical or recommended. It is best enjoyed on the track for a true racing experience.# Article: Discover the Quirky and Desirable ’60s Sprint Car for Sale


Have you ever seen a race car that looks like it was made from a tractor? Meet the vintage ’60s Sprint car currently up for auction, boasting a V8 engine, lightweight design, and a unique appearance that makes it a standout track toy.

Quirky Design

The ’60s Sprint car is known for its exceptionally light build, typically weighing around 1,400 pounds. Despite its weight, the car’s body resembles an open-wheel race car fashioned from a tractor, giving it a distinct and comical appearance. Surprisingly, its seating position is also unusually high for a track-focused vehicle.

Irresistible Auction Deal

With a current bid of $3,200 and two days left in the auction, this ’60s Sprint car presents a tempting offer. In a previous sale on Bring a Trailer, a similar model fetched $7,390 in November 2023. Although it lacks a title for road use, for those seeking a vintage race car experience exclusively on the track, this quirky car is priced similarly to a well-equipped Miata.


For enthusiasts looking for a unique addition to their collection, this ’60s Sprint car offers a blend of historical charm, unconventional design, and track-ready performance. Despite its peculiar appearance, its lightweight chassis and V8 power make it a compelling choice for buyers seeking a standout vehicle for spirited driving.

Have some questions about the ’60s Sprint car? Check out our FAQ section below:


1. How much does the ’60s Sprint car weigh?

The ’60s Sprint car typically weighs around 1,400 pounds due to its lightweight design.

2. What makes the ’60s Sprint car’s design quirky?

The car’s body resembles that of an open-wheel race car made from a tractor, giving it a unique and amusing appearance.

3. What is the current bid for the ’60s Sprint car?

With two days left in the auction, the ’60s Sprint car has a current bid of $3,200, offering a potentially attractive deal for buyers.

4. Can the ’60s Sprint car be registered for road use?

Unfortunately, the ’60s Sprint car does not come with a title for road use, making it suitable only for track driving enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a vintage car collector or a track racing enthusiast, the ’60s Sprint car presents a compelling opportunity to own a piece of automotive history with a quirky twist. Happy bidding!

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