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Ensuring the alignment on any remote-controlled vehicle is crucial, but it is even more vital for the alignment to remain consistent throughout a race. JConcepts presents the servo mounting bracket for the RC10B7 series of vehicles. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, the servo mount brace has been a fundamental component for racing vehicles dating back to previous iterations. The straightforward and elegant design with performance benefits and tracking enhancements has made a significant impact on the race track over the years.

The bracket fits securely within the chassis servo mounting area, enhancing the support, while the two robust screw mounting points are precisely designed for a direct attachment to the chassis. The brace features locations on each side for the included set screws to assist in aligning and maintaining the servo’s position during racing, crashes, and impacts. The set screws are designed to make contact with the servo case, providing additional support to keep the servo in the desired position, aiding in maintaining consistent steering alignment.

The servo mount brace can be fitted without any modifications or additional equipment in RC10B7 vehicles. The most recent design for the latest variant from Team Associated allows for a little extra space for servo lead on popular servos such as Savox and similar models. Featuring a sleek wrap-around design, the metallic sheen of aluminum, and an etched JConcepts.net logo, the brace not only enhances consistency and performance adjustability but also provides visual appeal. JConcepts showcases World Proven Innovation and Design.

Guidelines for Installation –
To begin the installation process, remove the servo entirely from the vehicle and detach the standard mounts. With the servo horn already positioned correctly, utilize plastic shims as previously employed on the servo. Attach the brace to each side and loosely secure the factory mounting screws with washers at the four locations. Proceed to center the servo between the brace and install the set screws on either side, applying a small amount of the recommended thread locking compound (#8136) RM2 thread lock adhesive and tighten to make contact and secure the servo in place.

Thoroughly tighten the four mounting screws on the front side to stabilize the servo’s position. Always remember to apply a small amount of thread locking compound when securing steel screws into aluminum. Reinstall the servo onto the vehicle, adjust and check End Point Adjustments (EPA) to finalize the assembly.

Key Features:
• Original design and functionality by JConcepts
• Precision-machined aluminum, featuring a wrap-around design
• Centering feature controlled by set screws
• Available in anodized blue and black color options
• Aesthetic and functional enhancement

JConcepts – RC10B7 | RC10B7D servo mounting bracket, blue
Part# 5161-1
UPC Code – 845937030870
Price – $28.00
MAP Price – $23.80
(Compatible with Team Associated RC10B7 | RC10B7D)

JConcepts – RC10B7 | RC10B7D servo mounting bracket, black
Part# 5161-2
UPC Code – 845937030887
Price – $28.00
MAP Price – $23.80
(Compatible with Team Associated RC10B7 | RC10B7D)

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