Jaguar Land Rover Acquires Off-Road Racing Truck Specialist Bowler

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When Bowler, a maker of high-performance 4×4 vehicles, went into administration earlier this year, it seemed like the end for Britain’s most extreme race truck builder. However, the manufacturer of the Wildcat and Nemesis, known for their exhilarating off-road capabilities, has been saved by an unexpected hero – Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division.

This rescue ensures that Bowler’s fuel-thirsty Bulldog will not fade away quietly, and also paves the way for its expertise in creating durable, all-terrain racing vehicles to influence upcoming performance models from Jaguar or Land Rover.

SVO’s managing director, Michael van der Sande, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “For almost 35 years the Bowler name has been synonymous with innovation and success in the world’s toughest off-road motorsport competitions. It’s thrilling that we can now shape the future of the Bowler brand as part of Jaguar Land Rover.”

The integration of all Bowler businesses—manufacturing, motorsport, and brand management—under SVO’s fourth standalone division signifies a strategic move to expand the vehicle portfolio and businesses within Special Vehicle Operations.

According to JLR’s Vice President of Communications for North America, Stuart Schorr, Bowler will operate independently under the oversight of Special Vehicle Operations Managing Director Michael van der Sande. The blending of expertise from Bowler with SV, Vehicle Personalization, and Classic teams aims to enhance product offerings within Special Vehicle Operations.

Speculation is rife about Bowler’s initial projects under the new ownership, with expectations high for a formidable, Defender-based powerhouse coming down the pipeline.

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