Infiniti Hired Celebrities to Answer Your Questions About the 2022 QX60

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Infiniti Enlists Celebrities to Guide You on the 2022 QX60


The 2022 Infiniti QX60, a luxurious SUV offering three rows of seating and optional all-wheel-drive, is making waves in the automotive scene. To help potential buyers navigate its features and reservations, Infiniti has taken an innovative approach by leveraging celebrities through the Cameo platform.

The Allure of Celebrity Guidance

Infiniti has creatively used Cameo, a video-sharing platform akin to personalized autographs, to connect consumers with celebrities as virtual car dealers. From the fantastical Castiel of Supernatural to sports personalities like Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, these celebrities are at the forefront of assisting customers in understanding the QX60 and its customization options.

A Unique Car-Buying Experience

Through personalized video responses, celebrities like Misha Collins, Erin Andrews, Clinton Kelly, and Dule Hill are offering insights into the reservation process, pricing details, and interior customization features of the 2022 QX60. This tailored approach not only adds a touch of glamour to the car-buying journey but also enhances the customer experience.


The collaboration between Infiniti and celebrities on the Cameo platform brings a fresh perspective to the car-buying process, making the exploration of the 2022 QX60 a memorable and engaging experience for enthusiasts. By blending luxury with star power, Infiniti is redefining how customers interact with and learn about their vehicles.


How does Cameo work in the context of car reservations?

Cameo operates as a video-sharing platform where users can request personalized messages from celebrities for a fee. In the case of Infiniti’s collaboration, celebrities are offering guidance and information on the 2022 QX60, assisting customers through the reservation process.

Which celebrities are involved in Infiniti’s campaign for the QX60?

Celebrities like Misha Collins, Erin Andrews, Clinton Kelly, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, and Dule Hill are part of Infiniti’s initiative to provide personalized responses and insights regarding the 2022 QX60, creating a unique and interactive approach to car marketing.

How does Infiniti’s use of celebrities benefit customers?

By leveraging celebrities to answer questions and guide customers through the features and reservation process of the 2022 QX60, Infiniti enhances the customer experience, making it more engaging and informative. The blend of luxury and star power adds a touch of exclusivity to the overall car-buying journey.

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