Indeed, a Toddler Driving a 986-Horsepower Ferrari SF90 on a Racing Circuit

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Reminiscing one of my cherished childhood moments involved “operating” my father’s K5 Chevy Blazer. Admittedly, it was merely young me at the age of five steering with great enthusiasm as I couldn’t reach the pedals. Nonetheless, in my mind, I savored the essence of driving. Thanks to this child on Instagram, now I have an authentic glimpse of what it truly means when a toddler takes charge of the steering wheel.

Introducing Zayn Sofuoglu. He happens to be the three-year-old offspring of Turkish ex-motorcycle champion turned politician Kenan Sofuoglu. Recently, Kenan shared a video on an Instagram account dedicated to Zayn—which boasts over a million admirers—displaying the young boy autonomously steering a 986-horsepower Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

Subsequently, the video triggered a wave of debates in the comments section. While many expressed their encouragement for the toddler’s premature passion for driving (and his father’s encouragement), there was a fraction who weren’t pleased to witness the young child behind the wheel.

Reflecting on it from that standpoint, I comprehend why one would be cautious about a three-year-old piloting a $500,000 supercar. This sentiment is especially amplified since he’s doing it from a safety seat employing adjusted pedals and even operating the paddle shifters.

Another clip exhibits Zayn taking the helm of a new Mercedes-Benz EQS and utilizing the encompassing camera system to maneuver around the family’s driveway due to his inability to clearly glimpse over the dashboard and reach the pedals simultaneously. As stated in the EQS manual, the 360-degree camera ceases operation once the vehicle surpasses 10 MPH, implying he wasn’t recklessly speeding around the vicinity.

It’s commonplace for the offspring of renowned drivers to partake in such activities at an early age. The deceased Ken Block’s daughter, Lia, commenced her competitive journey at the tender age of 11. While I advocate nurturing the abilities of children, I acknowledge feeling apprehensive about placing my three-year-old at the steering wheel, particularly without my presence in the vehicle to avert any potential mishaps.

To be fair, Zayn appears to have been under his father’s vigilant observation for quite some time. Moreover, he seems quite adept at showcasing his skills behind the wheel of a go-kart. Over a year ago, at the tender age of two, his father posted a clip of him executing some rather intricate maneuvers independently.

Furthermore, this isn’t transpiring on public roads. Zayn is maneuvering these vehicles under parental supervision, sometimes in solitude within or atop a vehicle, on private grounds, and on racing circuits. Does this diminish the potential risk to the child? Likely not.

Setting aside armchair parenting, one must acknowledge the impressive skills possessed by this child. Frankly, at the age of three, my interests veered towards collecting insects from beneath rocks. However, if given the chance to drive the cars Zayn does, I’d look back on it today with a smile.

So what are your thoughts, esteemed reader? Would you permit your child to take the wheel of a Ferrari or opt for Hot Wheels instead?

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