Hyundai’s Self-Cleaning ADAS Camera Solves a Classic Autonomy Problem

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Article Title: Hyundai’s Innovative Solution for Autonomy-Based Driver Aids


Driving in adverse weather conditions can be challenging, especially when cameras on modern cars struggle to capture clear images due to debris and water. Automakers are constantly innovating to enhance driver aids, and Hyundai and Kia have introduced a groundbreaking solution to address this common issue.

Hyundai’s Self-Cleaning Camera System

While some vehicles use sprayer nozzles to clean camera lenses, Hyundai’s approach is unique. They have developed a rotating housing that encases a camera with a glass lens at the front. When the lens gets dirty, a small wiper blade cleans it by spraying water and rotating the outermost lens, acting like a squeegee to ensure a clear view.

Advantages Over Existing Solutions

Unlike traditional sprayers that may not fully clear debris and risk obstructing the camera’s vision, Hyundai’s mechanism offers a more effective cleaning process. By combining spraying and wiping actions, it ensures optimal visibility in various conditions.

Overcoming Autonomy Challenges

Automakers are racing to develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and Hyundai’s innovation can potentially bridge the gap between different levels of autonomy. This concept, if proven reliable and durable, could revolutionize vision-based sensor systems in vehicles.


Hyundai’s self-cleaning camera technology represents a significant advancement in enhancing the effectiveness of ADAS. By addressing a common limitation faced by camera-equipped vehicles, this innovation has the potential to reshape the future of autonomous driving.


Is Hyundai’s self-cleaning camera technology currently available in production vehicles?

Hyundai’s new technology is still in the concept stage and has not undergone extensive testing for market readiness. It shows promise for future implementation in vehicles.

How does Hyundai’s self-cleaning camera system work?

The system involves a rotating housing with a glass lens that protects the camera. When debris obstructs the lens, a wiper blade cleans it by spraying water and rotating the outermost lens to ensure a clear view.

What are the benefits of Hyundai’s self-cleaning camera technology?

Hyundai’s solution offers a more effective cleaning method compared to traditional sprayer nozzles. By combining spraying and wiping actions, it improves visibility for cameras in varying environmental conditions.

How might Hyundai’s innovation impact the development of autonomous driving technology?

Hyundai’s self-cleaning camera system has the potential to advance the capabilities of vision-based sensor systems in vehicles, potentially contributing to the evolution of autonomous driving technology.

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