How the Infiniti QX55 Was Designed To Be More Than a Fancy Nissan

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Unveiling the Design Philosophy Behind the Infiniti QX55

Exploring the Artistic Roots of the Infiniti QX55

They may be merely a six-hour drive apart geographically, but culturally, Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan represent stark design and aesthetic differences. Infiniti Design’s head, Taisuke Nakamura, draws a parallel between the disparate vibes of Tokyo’s modern landscape and Kyoto’s traditional charm to highlight the contrast between Nissan’s and Infiniti’s design ethos.

A Nostalgic Nod to the Past: The Original Coupe SUV

Infiniti’s 2022 QX55, inspired by the legendary FX model, showcases a return to its origins. The FX, acclaimed as the first coupe SUV, drew inspiration from the nimbleness of the 350Z sports platform, embodying a unique fusion of performance and utility. The influence of Japanese culture, notably by designer Shiro Nakamura, is unmistakably woven into the Infiniti’s design DNA.

From Origami to Ma: Crafting Elegance Into Every Detail

The sleek lines of the QX55, with grille inspired by origami folds and subtleties like repeated patterns reminiscent of a kimono, underscore the meticulous thought behind every curve. Nakamura’s pursuit of provocation in design breathes life into each Infiniti model, shaping them with a touch of daring individuality.

Ma: The Essence of Space and Elegance

The concept of Ma, translating to “the space in between,” materializes in the QX55’s design philosophy of using less to convey more. Embracing negative space as a pivotal design element, the car embodies a sense of simplicity and elegance reminiscent of Japanese art and calligraphy.


As Infiniti continues to blur the boundaries between Nissan and its upscale counterpart, the allure of the QX55 lies in its intricate design rooted in Japanese heritage and innovative spirit. With each model unveiling, Infiniti forges ahead, crafting a unique identity that captivates the discerning eye.


What inspired the design of the Infiniti QX55?

The design of the Infiniti QX55 draws inspiration from the original coupe SUV, the FX, and incorporates elements of Japanese culture, such as origami and traditional motifs.

Who is behind the design philosophy of Infiniti vehicles?

Taisuke Nakamura, head of Infiniti Design, leads the charge in infusing each Infiniti model with a touch of provocation and individuality.

What is the significance of Ma in the design of the QX55?

Ma, the Japanese concept of “the space in between,” plays a crucial role in shaping the QX55’s aesthetic, emphasizing simplicity, elegance, and a harmonious balance of design elements.

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