Here’s Your Chance to Own the Ultimate Senna Souvenir: His Honda NSX

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A Tribute to Ayrton Senna: His Beloved Honda NSX Goes Up for Sale

A Glimpse into Senna’s Racing Legacy

Ayrton Senna, the iconic Formula 1 driver, made a lasting impact on the racing world with his exceptional skills and charisma. His 1991 Honda NSX, now up for sale, presents a unique opportunity for fans to own a piece of racing history.

Unveiling Senna’s Personal Ride

The red Honda NSX, once owned by Senna and stationed in Portugal, is listed on AutoTrader UK. Despite assumptions of it being seldom driven, the car boasts a decent mileage of 39,100 miles, hinting at Senna’s likely active usage.

The Connection Between Senna and Honda

Senna’s affinity for Honda vehicles was evident during his tenure with McLaren, which partnered with Honda in the ’90s. The emotional link between Senna and the Honda NSX remains strong, symbolizing a significant chapter in the racing legend’s life.

Embracing Senna’s Legacy

Senna’s NSX transcends typical memorabilia; it embodies the joy he experienced while driving through Portugal. Unlike traditional collectibles, the NSX invokes a sense of happiness and authenticity that resonates with fans of the legendary racer.


As Senna’s Honda NSX hits the market, it invites enthusiasts to own a cherished piece of his legacy, encapsulating the spirit of a racing icon who continues to inspire generations of fans.


1. Where can I find more information about purchasing Senna’s Honda NSX?

The red Honda NSX previously owned by Ayrton Senna is currently listed on AutoTrader UK. You can visit their website for details on the sale.

2. What is the significance of Senna’s connection with Honda?

Ayrton Senna had a special bond with Honda, often seen driving Honda-powered cars during his racing career. The Honda NSX holds sentimental value as part of this relationship.

3. Why is Senna’s NSX considered a unique collectible?

Senna’s Honda NSX represents more than just memorabilia; it embodies the joy and passion he had for driving. Its connection to the racing legend adds a personal touch, making it a coveted item for fans.

4. How much is the owner asking for Senna’s NSX?

The current asking price for Senna’s Honda NSX is approximately $623,000, reflecting its historical value and association with the legendary racer.

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