Good start for MAN Truck & Bus in 2024

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MAN Truck & Bus Thrives in Q1 2024 Despite Challenges

In the first quarter of 2024, MAN Truck & Bus SE has showcased resilience and growth, achieving remarkable financial results despite challenges like weaker demand and higher material prices. Let’s dive into the highlights and strategies of MAN Truck & Bus in the current market landscape.

Impressive Financial Performance

MAN Truck & Bus reported a revenue increase to €3.5 billion in Q1 2024, marking a 3% rise compared to the same period in 2023. Despite a 12% decrease in new vehicle sales, the adjusted operating result surged by 41% to €278 million, with an operating return on sales reaching 7.9%.

Leadership Insights

Inka Koljonen, the CFO of MAN, emphasized the company’s steady course amid market challenges. She highlighted the positive impact of strategic measures that enhance resilience. Koljonen expressed optimism about achieving the company’s strategic targets, thanks to improved performance and cost optimization efforts.

Future Innovations

MAN is pioneering the field with plans to introduce 200 hydrogen-powered trucks to selected markets in 2025, expanding its zero-emission portfolio. Additionally, the company is set to deliver its first fully electric eTrucks this year. On the autonomous driving front, MAN is leading as the first commercial vehicle manufacturer testing this technology on German highways.

Financial Highlights

  • Incoming orders saw a 28% decrease, with a total of 18,682 units.
  • Truck sales were down by 23%, while bus sales surged by 63%.
  • The sales revenue reached €3.516 million, representing a 3% increase.
  • Operating result (adjusted) showed an 82% increase, reaching €278 million.
  • Operating return on sales (adjusted) rose to 7.9%.

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MAN Truck & Bus has exemplified resilience and adaptability in the face of market challenges. With a focus on innovation, cost optimization, and strategic growth, the company continues to set a strong pace for the industry in 2024.


Q: What were the key financial highlights for MAN Truck & Bus in Q1 2024?

A: In Q1 2024, MAN Truck & Bus reported a revenue increase to €3.5 billion, an adjusted operating result of €278 million, and an operating return on sales of 7.9%.

Q: What innovative initiatives is MAN Truck & Bus undertaking in the upcoming years?

A: MAN is set to introduce 200 hydrogen-powered trucks to selected markets in 2025, deliver fully electric eTrucks this year, and test autonomous driving technology on German highways.

Q: How did MAN Truck & Bus navigate challenges like weaker demand and higher material prices in Q1 2024?

A: By implementing strategic measures, focusing on cost optimization, and enhancing resilience, MAN Truck & Bus managed to improve its performance and achieve strong financial results in Q1 2024.

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