GMC’s Lost Modern Jimmy SUV Would’ve Had a V8: Report

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GMC’s Lost Modern Jimmy SUV Would’ve Had a V8: Report


GM fans were on the edge of their seats with the potential release of a new GMC Jimmy SUV, rumored to come equipped with a V8 engine. Plans for this rival to today’s Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler were in motion back in 2017 but unfortunately never came to fruition.

The Unveiled Details

According to sources close to GM Authority, the planned GMC Jimmy would have been built on a modified version of the Chevy Colorado’s and GMC Canyon’s 31xx chassis, known as the 32xx. Unlike its Chevy counterpart, the GMC Jimmy was set to feature a V8 engine option, marking it as a unique and exclusive model in the lineup.

The Missed Opportunity

While the base engine was expected to be GM’s 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder “TurboMax” engine, pricing around $40,000, the standout feature would have been the V8 engine, making it the pioneering model with such power in its segment. This decision could have influenced competitors like Jeep and Ford to consider V8 options for their vehicles.

The End of a Dream

Regrettably, GM chose to shift focus towards automation and electrification, leading to the abandonment of the GMC Jimmy project along with the 32xx chassis. Instead of the envisioned V8-powered SUV, consumers now have the all-electric Hummer EV, with unparalleled power but at a significantly higher price point, leaving some enthusiasts yearning for the lost Jimmy.


The missed opportunity of the GMC Jimmy with a V8 engine showcases the unpredictability in the automotive industry and the evolving priorities of manufacturers towards sustainable technologies. While enthusiasts may lament the absence of this promising SUV, the industry’s pursuit of innovation remains relentless.


What set the planned GMC Jimmy apart from its competitors?

The standout feature of the proposed GMC Jimmy SUV was its inclusion of a V8 engine option, which would have differentiated it from its rivals in the market.

Why did GM ultimately decide not to pursue the development of the GMC Jimmy?

GM shifted its strategic focus towards automation and electrification, causing them to prioritize other projects like the Hummer EV and leading to the abandonment of the GMC Jimmy project.

Are there any alternatives to the GMC Jimmy in GM’s current lineup?

While the GMC Jimmy project was scrapped, GM offers off-road-capable models like the Chevy Colorado Bison and GMC Canyon AT4X, albeit in pickup truck form and without V8 engine options.

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