Ford Patents Built-In Pickup Bed Rack With Stowaway Rails and It Sure Seems Handy

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Ford Revolutionizes Pickup Truck Bed Storage with Innovative Patent

Ford’s Latest Patent for Pickup Truck Beds Promises Unprecedented Usability

Ford has recently filed a groundbreaking patent that could revolutionize the way we utilize pickup trucks’ cargo space. The patent introduces extendable bed rails that can significantly increase the cargo capacity of truck beds, offering a convenient solution for carrying large and bulky items with ease.

Innovative Features of Ford’s Extendable Bed Rails

The patent proposes bed rails that remain retracted within the bed walls under normal circumstances but can be extended outwards using actuators on both sides of the truck bed. These extendable rails can support heavy items like lumber and ladders horizontally across the bed, freeing up space underneath for additional storage.

The upper rails consist of pivot bars that can rotate 90 degrees across the bed, similar to roof racks, providing extra storage options. Moreover, these pivot bars can be further extended by rotating 180 degrees, maximizing the length of the bed rails for increased versatility.

Ensuring Secure Cargo Transportation

To secure large cargo items, Ford’s patent includes a mechanism to prevent items from shifting or falling during transportation. By attaching a cargo net between the bed rails, the actuators can retract the bed until the net applies pressure on the cargo, stabilizing it effectively.

Implications of Ford’s Innovative Technology

The extendable bed rails not only enhance the functionality of Ford pickup trucks but also offer owners unparalleled flexibility in utilizing their truck beds. Unlike conventional fixed mounting solutions, Ford’s patented technology allows for the seamless raising and lowering of the bed rails with a simple push of a button, ensuring practicality and convenience for users.


Ford’s innovative patent for extendable bed rails showcases the brand’s commitment to enhancing the usability and versatility of pickup trucks. While the technology is currently a patent concept, its potential implementation in future Ford pickup models could redefine how customers approach cargo transportation.


What is the purpose of Ford’s extendable bed rails patent?

Ford’s patent introduces extendable bed rails for pickup trucks, aiming to maximize cargo capacity and provide versatile storage solutions for users.

How do Ford’s extendable bed rails work?

The extendable bed rails can be retracted within the bed walls or extended outwards using actuators, allowing users to store long items horizontally across the bed and secure cargo effectively with the addition of a cargo net.

Will Ford implement this technology in its future pickup truck models?

While patents do not guarantee product launches, if Ford proceeds with integrating this technology, it could potentially be available in upcoming Ford pickup truck models, offering customers a game-changing feature for enhanced usability.

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