Extreme Speed Test Causes Hennessey Venom F5 to Spin Out at Over 250 MPH

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Essential Points

  • Hennessey Performance conducted a test on a new aerodynamic package for the Venom F5, resulting in an incident during a 250 mph sprint.
  • Due to a loss in downforce, the vehicle became uncontrollable, with no casualties reported.
  • Hennessey is anticipated to make a significant impact beyond just setting speed records.

Hennessey Performance has been experimenting with a new aerodynamic configuration for the Venom F5. However, the latest news surrounding the renowned American supercar manufacturer involves an unfortunate mishap with the Venom F5.

In correspondence with CarBuzz, Hennessey Performance confirmed the testing of a new aerodynamic kit for the 1,817-hp V8-powered supercar on July 1 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility. However, during the rapid acceleration from 0 to 250 mph in just 4,000 feet, the Venom F5’s prototype experienced a reduction in downforce, leading to a loss of driver control. Thankfully, only the vehicle suffered harm, while the driver emerged unharmed from the incident.

Test Aero Package

John Hennessey expressed, “Challenging the boundaries of speed, performance, and science has always presented difficulties. Our team will analyze the aerodynamic information to uncover the underlying cause of the incident. I extend my gratitude to our team of engineers and technicians who crafted a remarkably resilient vehicle. We also appreciate the prompt response of the first responders and Kennedy Space Center staff in ensuring everyone’s safety,” in communication with CarBuzz.

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Hennessey Performance chose not to divulge the specifics of the new aerodynamic setup for the Venom F5. However, based on the single image provided by the company, there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary with the vehicle. It resembles a toned-down iteration of the exclusive, track-oriented hypercar, devoid of a massive rear wing.

Insights on What Anticipate From Hennessey

The performance enhancement and auto creator based in Texas did not disclose the purpose of the novel air setup, but it is a known fact that the Venom F5 is aiming beyond only top-speed achievements. The fresh record for lap timing at the Circuit of the Americas is just the tip of the iceberg; we anticipate Hennessey Performance leaving a lasting impression via its flagship model, perhaps even on additional racetracks such as the renowned Nürburgring. The sole uncertainty now is the timeline.


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