Enhancing your mobile kitchen with battery technology

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Discover in a webinar hosted by Joule Case how mobile kitchen businesses can elevate their operations by moving away from traditional generators and embracing battery technology.

When setting up a mobile kitchen, there are numerous factors to take into account. It’s crucial to source the right vehicle, equipment, resources, and establish a distinctive brand identity. Equally important is ensuring a reliable power source for your vehicle. Historically, mobile kitchen operators have relied on gasoline-powered generators, which come with a range of issues, from environmental concerns to noise pollution and costly maintenance. In a webinar supported by Joule Case, Food Truck Operator showcased how adopting battery technology can help mobile kitchen operators streamline their operations and save costs.

Leading the discussion was Bradley Cooper, the editor of Food Truck Operator, who moderated the webinar entitled “Upgrade your power source: The advantages of electric systems for your food venture and customers.” The panel featured experts including Sid Gauby, a product specialist at Joule Case, Hannah Russell, the co-founder of Lightbox Ice Cream, Adam Sturgeon, the proprietor of White Shepherd Coffee, Robert Waltz, the business development manager at Aero Build, and Kris Zankich, the owner of Gold Rush Eatery.

Throughout the webinar, the panelists elaborated on how electric systems offer greater efficiency compared to generators, with a specific emphasis on cost-effectiveness due to the minimal maintenance requirements of batteries. Zankich even shared during the webinar that the money spent on generator repairs could have been used to invest in a brand-new mobile kitchen.

The webinar also delved into various topics, including:

  • The initial expenses associated with implementing battery technology.
  • The customer support services provided by Joule Case.
  • Battery warranties and guarantees.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of battery systems.
  • The operational costs comparison between battery technology and traditional generators.

Download the webinar at no cost by clicking here.

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