Easy Steps to Replace a Tire

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At MotorWorld Toyota, it’s important
to learn how to replace a tire, ensuring a safe journey to our Toyota
showroom for a tire replacement. Many individuals assume that swapping a tire is
overwhelming, but it’s quite straightforward with the proper equipment. Here are the
steps to follow if you encounter a flat tire while in Wilkes-Barre, PA.


1. Pull over and gather your tools


When your Toyota vehicle gets a flat
tire, maneuver to the side of the road and move away from traffic as
much as possible. Then, locate the three essential tools required for replacing your tire: a jack,
tire iron, and spare tire.


2. Loosen the wheel nuts


Gently loosen the wheel nuts on the
affected wheel without completely removing them.


3. Elevate the vehicle


Insert the jack beneath the tire, and elevate
the vehicle so that the wheel clears the ground.


4. Take off the tire


Next, remove the wheel nuts and the tire. Keep a close watch on the
wheel nuts, as they will be needed later.


5. Mount the spare tire


Diligently align the
spare tire
with the wheel studs. This process may require some time, so exercise
patience—eventually, they will slot in. Reattach the wheel nuts but refrain from tightening them completely.


6. Lower the vehicle


You are now prepared to lower the jack and remove it from under
the tire. Subsequently, finish tightening the wheel nuts entirely.


7. Visit our Toyota showroom


Driving at a moderate pace on the spare tire, bring your Toyota vehicle
to our service and parts facility for a tire replacement or repair. Our Wilkes-Barre Toyota
are eager to assist you in getting back on the road swiftly.

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