Did Taylor Swift Just Reference the Alonso Dating Rumors In a Song?

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Taylor Swift’s Aston Martin Reference: A Nod to Fernando Alonso Dating Rumors?

Taylor Swift’s Alleged Reference

Taylor Swift, known for embedding personal experiences in her lyrics, has sparked speculation again with a line in her song “imgonnagetyouback” from her latest album. Fans believe the verse “I’m an Aston Martin that you steered straight into the ditch, then ran and hid” could be alluding to the past rumors of her dating F1 driver Fernando Alonso.

The Breakup Album Context

Swift’s album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” is themed around heartbreak, portraying herself as an Aston Martin that her ex, Joe Alwyn, mishandled. Interestingly, Fernando Alonso, who is associated with the Aston Martin F1 team, had been romantically linked to Swift before.

Swift’s Automotive References

Swift’s lyrical storytelling often includes references to automobiles, mirroring her evolving style and life phases. From “just a boy in a Chevy truck that had a tendency of gettin’ stuck” in her country songs to comparisons like “loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street” in her pop tracks, Swift infuses her music with vivid imagery.

A Pattern of Specificity

While the Aston Martin mention may seem pointed, Swift’s history of detailed automotive references suggests a broader pattern of personalization rather than deliberate nods. From Chevys to Jaguars, her songs mirror her growth and changing eras.


In the realm of Taylor Swift’s lyricism, every word is scrutinized and dissected by fans, but sometimes a car is just a car. While the Aston Martin line adds intrigue, it might be a coincidence rather than a coded message about Alonso. Swift’s ability to craft relatable narratives through vivid imagery remains a hallmark of her artistry.


Does Taylor Swift often reference specific brands or types of cars in her songs?

Yes, Taylor Swift frequently incorporates detailed automotive references in her lyrics to create vivid imagery and evoke emotions.

Is the Aston Martin line in Taylor Swift’s song a direct reference to Fernando Alonso?

While fans speculate about connections between Swift’s lyrics and her personal life, the true intentions behind specific references remain open to interpretation.

How can I discuss Taylor Swift’s lyrics further?

If you’re interested in exploring Taylor Swift’s songs and their meanings, you can contact the author at chris.tsui@thedrive.com for more insights and discussions.

By adding depth to her music through personal touches, Taylor Swift continues to captivate audiences with her storytelling prowess and emotional authenticity.

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