Decrease in Subaru WRX and STI Sales by Almost 90 Percent, But There’s a Lengthy Tale Behind It

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The latest fifth-gen WRX from Subaru is experiencing a challenging start, particularly in terms of the quantity sold. In the initial quarter of 2022, the carmaker disclosed a significant 89.7 percent drop in WRX and STI sales. Merely 576 units were sold, with 204 of those transactions occurring in March. So, what’s the reason behind this decline?

From a theoretical perspective, the new WRX outperforms its predecessor as a vehicle. After testing it multiple times, we discovered that it possesses more power than the previous generation, despite this new model appearing more refined. Furthermore, aesthetics are subjective when it comes to the debated plastic body cladding.

Taking a broader view of the automotive landscape, it’s crucial to recognize that Subaru is just as vulnerable to the same challenges in the supply chain that impact all other vehicle manufacturers. During my visit to a local Toyota dealership in Ohio, the sole new car on display was a rather dismal beige Camry. If a manufacturing giant like Toyota struggles to maintain stock levels at dealerships, envision the obstacles faced by Subaru in manufacturing performance-oriented sedans that cater to a considerably smaller market segment.

Have I mentioned that the newest WRX is indeed fresh, as in, completely fresh? Subaru recently debuted the fifth generation this year, with a mere 31 sales in February. Naturally, a newly introduced model requires time to establish itself—for instance, neither of the two Subaru dealerships in proximity to my residence had a WRX available for purchase.

The missing element here is the absence of a new STI. Although Subaru doesn’t segregate sales by specific variants, the absence of the customary top-tier version of their flagship model can dampen enthusiasm among some enthusiasts. Let’s remain optimistic for both Subaru’s and our own benefit that the forthcoming electrified STI will be worth the anticipation.

Subaru was just one of many car manufacturers that witnessed a sharp decline in sales numbers in the first quarter of 2022. Volume dwindled for most of its models, excluding the Ascent, Crosstrek, and BRZ. It’s probable that WRX production and subsequent sales will escalate in the upcoming months, although this car is distinctly different from its predecessors.

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