Controversial $2M Maserati Barn Find Restoration Has Infuriated Collectors. Here’s Why

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$2 Million Maserati Barn Find Restoration Sparks Debate Among Collectors

In the world of classic car collecting, the debate over preserving the original patina versus fully restoring a vintage vehicle is a contentious one. The recent restoration of a 1956 Maserati A6G/54, originally discovered in a barn in France, has stirred up strong reactions within the collector community. Let’s delve into the details of this controversial restoration and the reasons behind the heated discussions surrounding it.

The Unveiling of a Rare Classic

Maserati unveiled the A6G/54 at the 1954 Paris Motor Show, showcasing it as the final GT version of its first post-war sports car. Chassis 2140, one of only four coachbuilt by Pietro Frua, captured the attention of enthusiasts. The car’s journey from being casually parked next to a Ferrari in a French barn to its auction at Paris’ Retromobile show is a tale of neglect turned into a significant financial windfall.

The Restoration Debate

San Diego-based owner Jonathan Segal’s decision to fully restore the Maserati A6G/54 has divided opinions in the collector community. While some argue that preserving the car’s original condition would maintain its historical value and uniqueness, others support Segal’s right to restore the vehicle according to his preferences.

Owner’s Justification

Jonathan Segal defended his restoration decision by emphasizing that the Maserati was not as original as perceived and highlighting the deteriorating condition of the car. Segal’s intention to prevent further degradation and ensure the drivability and aesthetics of the vehicle played a pivotal role in his restoration choice.


The Maserati A6G/54 restoration saga underscores the complexities of balancing preservation and restoration in the world of classic car collecting. While the debate rages on, it ultimately comes down to individual owners’ prerogatives and their interpretation of a vehicle’s historical significance.


Q: Why is the restoration of the 1956 Maserati A6G/54 causing controversy?

A: The restoration of the Maserati has sparked controversy due to differing opinions within the collector community regarding the preservation of original patina versus full restoration.

Q: Who is Jonathan Segal, and why did he decide to restore the car?

A: Jonathan Segal is the owner of the 1956 Maserati A6G/54 who opted for restoration to address the deteriorating condition of the vehicle and ensure its drivability and aesthetic appeal.

Q: What was the initial reaction of fellow collectors to the restoration?

A: Fellow collectors and online commenters expressed strong opinions about the restoration, with some comparing it to “sandblasting the Colosseum” and others considering it controversial and even “criminal.”

Q: How did the Maserati A6G/54 perform at auction following the restoration?

A: While the Maserati A6G/54 generated significant pre-auction estimates, it failed to change hands at the 2021 Pebble Beach auction despite its “irreplaceable unrestored patina” being highlighted in the listing.# Article Title: Restoring History: Inside Jonny Segal’s Maserati Project


Jonny Segal, a car enthusiast, recently acquired a classic Maserati, making a bold decision to restore it to its former glory. The restoration process has garnered mixed reactions, with some praising Segal’s dedication and others expressing concerns about altering the car’s historical integrity.

The Restoration Journey:

Following a successful auction, Segal secured a spot at RX Auto in Vancouver, B.C., to begin the meticulous restoration process. He and his daughter embarked on a journey to Vancouver, where they disassembled the Maserati down to its chassis.

Capturing the Progress:

On March 23, Segal shared a glimpse of the restoration on Instagram, showcasing the Maserati stripped down to its metal skeleton with various components removed. Subsequent posts revealed the intricate steps involved, including dismantling the interior and carefully working on the bodyshell.

Mixed Reactions:

While some followers applauded Segal’s attention to detail, others voiced dissent, expressing concerns about the extent of the restoration. Some enthusiasts felt conflicted, questioning the decision to modify a car that was initially presented as a preservation find.


Jonny Segal’s restoration project embodies a blend of passion, dedication, and controversy in the classic car community. As the journey unfolds, it sparks conversations about the balance between restoration and preservation in historical automotive treasures.


1. What motivated Jonny Segal to restore the Maserati?

Jonny Segal’s passion for classic cars and the opportunity to revive a piece of automotive history inspired him to undertake the restoration project.

2. Where is the restoration process taking place?

The restoration is being carried out at RX Auto in Vancouver, B.C., a renowned restoration shop.

3. How has the public reacted to the restoration project?

Public reactions have been mixed, with some appreciating Segal’s commitment to restoring the Maserati and others expressing concerns about potential changes to its historical value.# Article

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Morton Street Partners’ Tom Hale Expresses Concern

Tom Hale, a founding partner at Morton Street Partners, has raised alarms over the restoration of chassis 2140, a Maserati A6G Frua Coupe, calling it “criminal.” He highlights the importance of preserving historical artifacts and the implications of erasing their originality, sparking a conversation within the automotive community.

Segal’s Perspective on Restorations

On the other side, the owner of the car, Segal, defends his restoration approach, emphasizing the need to improve and restore the car to its original glory. Segal’s passion for vintage Italian sports cars drives his meticulous restoration process, focusing on maintaining the heritage of the vehicle.

The Debate Continues

As vintage cars gain recognition as valuable collectibles, the debate between preservation and restoration intensifies. While Hale advocates for conserving historical integrity, Segal sees restoration as a means to enhance and revitalize automotive treasures.


The dispute over the restoration of the Maserati A6G Frua Coupe reflects a broader conversation in the automotive world about the balance between preserving history and enhancing the beauty of classic cars. As collectors and enthusiasts navigate this delicate balance, the value of each approach adds layers to the story of these iconic vehicles.


What is the significance of chassis 2140 in the automotive world?

Chassis 2140 is a Maserati A6G Frua Coupe, a rare and historic vehicle with substantial artistic and historical value, making its restoration a topic of contention among automotive enthusiasts.

How do Tom Hale and Segal differ in their views on car restoration?

Tom Hale advocates for the preservation of historical artifacts and originality in car restoration, while Segal focuses on enhancing and restoring vehicles to their former glory, balancing tradition with revitalization.

What broader discussion does the restoration debate of the Maserati A6G Frua Coupe reflect?

The restoration debate mirrors the ongoing dialogue in the automotive community about the importance of maintaining historical integrity while revitalizing classic cars for future generations to appreciate.

By engaging with diverse perspectives on car restoration, enthusiasts can appreciate the complexities that come with balancing history and innovation in preserving automotive artistry.

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