Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast Episode 228: Electric Vehicle Sales Advance, Toyota Crown Signia Overview, Test Drive of Lexus UX | The Daily Drive

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By Car Brand Experts

Toyota Crown has a new showroom mate, and its appearance is striking.

All about the Toyota Crown Signia
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All about the Toyota Crown Signia

If you drive, require a vehicle, or occasionally hitch a ride with pals, you have landed in the correct spot. Join Jill and Tom as they dissect everything unfolding in the automobile domain. Recently released car assessments, shopping suggestions, eco-friendly driving, electric vehicles, vintage cars, and a plethora of incredible guests. Welcome to the Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast.

Episode: 228

Broadcast date: July 8, 2024

Guest: Thomas Sondej

Jill and Tom’s discussion at the beginning covered the option of a “Velocity Package” for the Cadillac Lyriq. Accessible as a software update, this package boosts power and performance for $1200. Is it a worthwhile investment? Tune in to find out.

The hosts talked about the recently reduced price of the Fisker Ocean, approved by a bankruptcy court. Sales figures for the second quarter are pouring in, with Jill and Tom highlighting some key points, such as disappointing stats for Jeep, and surprisingly strong numbers for electric vehicles.

In the second portion, Jill and Tom introduce Toyota Product-Education Specialist Thomas Sondej as a guest. Thomas filled the crew in on the brand-new Toyota Crown Signia, a wagon-style variant of the Crown sedan set to join the brand’s lineup in 2025. According to Thomas, the Crown Signia will soon be available in showrooms.

In the third section, Jill faces Tom’s “Which Weighs More?” quiz. The hosts concluded by discussing Jill’s driving experience in the updated Lexus UX for 2025, the most economical option in the luxury automaker’s range.

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