Comprehensive Guide for Purchasing a Ferrari 812 Superfast

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The entrance of the 2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast signified a notable achievement for Ferrari, following the success of the F12 Berlinetta. It wasn’t just a mere introduction of a new model; it aimed to redefine the capabilities of a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car.

Being the flagship model back then, the 812 Superfast flawlessly combined state-of-the-art technology with the timeless appeal of Ferrari. With the goal to surpass the exceptional standards set by the F12, the 812 went beyond meeting expectations by integrating the latest innovations with Ferrari’s enduring charm.

Beneath its exquisitely crafted bonnet lies a marvel of engineering: a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine, Ferrari’s most potent naturally aspirated road-going powerplant at that time. Producing a remarkable 789 hp, the 812 Superfast can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds, achieving a top speed exceeding 211 mph, positioning itself among the quickest grand tourers of its era.

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Photo by Motor Trend

Beyond its exceptional performance, the 812 Superfast is renowned for its superb handling dynamics, a result of its sleek aerodynamic profile and cutting-edge chassis development. This blend ensured that the vehicle not only delivered top-speed performance but also exhibited agility and precision on both curvy roads and race circuits.

The design of the 812 Superfast encapsulates Ferrari’s storied past, showcasing elegant aerodynamics, sharp contours, and the iconic styling elements of the brand, making it unmistakably a Ferrari. Its design seamlessly integrates both form and function, commencing with its aggressive front fascia housing the emblem of the Ferrari prancing horse, surrounded by air ducts optimizing cooling and aerodynamic efficiency.

The sides of the car exhibit sculpted panels and integrated aerodynamic features that improve airflow and stability. The rear end boasts quad circular taillights and a prominent diffuser, underscoring its high-performance pedigree.

Internally, the interior strikes a harmonious balance between luxury and performance, blending ergonomic design and advanced technology inspired by Ferrari’s racing legacy. The cabin presents a layout focused on the driver, ensuring comfort and functionality for daily driving while preserving the excitement of high-performance motoring.

Throughout its production run, the 812 Superfast faced off against competitors such as the Lamborghini Aventador S. Despite the competition, the 812 Superfast set itself apart with its naturally aspirated V12 engine and its appeal as a grand tourer, appealing to enthusiasts seeking a refined and sophisticated presence without compromising on performance.

Overview of Model Changes (Yearly Breakdown)

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

In 2018, the Ferrari 812 Superfast was launched, succeeding the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Propelled by a 6.5-liter V12 engine producing an incredible 789 hp, the Ferrari 812 Superfast stood out for its exceptional performance.

Its sleek and low-profile design unequivocally asserts dominance on the road. Priced at around $335,000, the Ferrari 812 Superfast positioned itself competitively against the Lamborghini Aventador.

2019 Ferrari 812 Superfast

During 2019, Ferrari unveiled the convertible variant, the Ferrari 812 GTS. This model shared the same 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine as the 812 Superfast.

The 812 GTS featured a retractable hardtop deployable in 14 seconds at speeds up to 28 mph.

Design modifications included a redesigned rear deck to accommodate the roof mechanism, integrated roll hoops, and a fresh rear diffuser to sustain aerodynamic efficiency and stability at high speeds.

Moreover, it represents Ferrari’s initial front-engine V-12 convertible in half a century, the last being the 365 GTS/4 Daytona.

The starting price for the Ferrari 812 GTS was $404,000 ($69,000 more than the coupe).

2020 Ferrari 812 Superfast

In the year 2020, Ferrari’s V12 front-engine supercar continued unchanged.

2021 Ferrari 812 Superfast

For 2021, Ferrari introduced the 812 Competizione, a more extreme version focused on the track, derived from the 812 Superfast. This fresh model sports an enhanced iteration of the 6.5-liter V12 engine, producing 830 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque, a step up from the base 812 Superfast’s 789 hp. The engine’s redline has been boosted to 9,500 rpm, making it Ferrari’s highest-revving V12 engine to this day.

Enhancements in aerodynamics include a new front air inlet, rear diffuser, and a distinct rear spoiler, all crafted to enhance downforce and stability at high velocities.

The 812 Competizione stands out with distinctive design elements such as a fresh hood design with air vents and carbon fiber inserts, providing a more aggressive appearance. Extensive usage of carbon fiber in the bodywork and interior aids in weight reduction, contributing to improved performance and handling.

Equipped with Ferrari’s latest rear-wheel steering system, the car excels in agility and cornering precision, alongside an updated Side Slip Control (SSC) system optimizing power delivery and stability during high-speed maneuvers.

The interior features additional carbon fiber and Alcantara materials, reflecting its track-oriented essence while maintaining a high degree of comfort and luxury. The latest infotainment system and digital displays provide a contemporary and user-friendly experience, ensuring drivers stay connected and informed.

Alongside the coupe version, Ferrari also announced the 812 Competizione A (Aperta), a limited-edition convertible variant, offering a thrilling driving experience with

an uncovered driving adventure with the same enhanced performance.

Merely 500 Ferrari 812 Competizione coupes and 812 Competizione A models were crafted by Ferrari. 

The initial cost for both the Ferrari 812 Competizione coupe and the 812 Competizione A stands at $601,000.

2022 Ferrari 812 Superfast

During 2022, Ferrari persisted in perfecting the 812 Superfast with subtle upgrades geared towards enriching the driving journey and integrating cutting-edge technology. 

These modifications encompassed minor software improvements to elevate the infotainment and driver assistance systems. Furthermore, Ferrari presented fresh customization choices through the Tailor Made program, enabling clients to further personalize their 812 Superfast.

Prices remained steady from the previous year for both the Ferrari 812 Superfast and Ferrari 812 GTS.

2023 Ferrari 812 Superfast

In the year 2023, no significant alterations were made to the Ferrari 812 Superfast and the GTS. 

2024 Ferrari 812 Superfast

By the year 2024, the 812 Superfast coupe was still in production, coexisting with the 812 Competizione models. Nonetheless, this marks the final year before the introduction of the novel Ferrari 12cilindri to replace them next year.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Common Challenges

The Ferrari 812 Superfast epitomizes Ferrari’s legacy of engineering prowess, yet it confronts the practicalities of upholding a high-performance sports car, which can frequently be costly.

Furthermore, prospective owners should conduct a detailed Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) either through an authorized dealer or a knowledgeable independent mechanic. This process is crucial to pinpoint any underlying issues and guarantee the car’s preservation in optimal shape, upholding the esteemed standards of performance and extravagance that Ferrari is renowned for.

Below is a summary of some situations that owners may face:

Coolant System Complications: One common concern involves the radiator hose, which might detach due to a faulty hose clamp. This detachment can result in coolant leakage and potentially lead to overheating. Owners have observed that the lower radiator hose clamp can fail, causing coolant loss and possible engine overheating if not promptly rectified.

Electric Hitches: Various electrical malfunctions have been cited, including issues with the car’s cameras, infotainment system, and other electronic modules. These glitches can occasionally be resolved through basic resets but may necessitate more comprehensive dealer involvement. For instance, some owners have encountered issues with the cameras failing to activate correctly, prompting multiple visits to the dealership for diagnosis and repair.

Battery and Charging Dilemmas: The 812 Superfast might encounter battery-related complications, especially if the vehicle is not regularly linked to a trickle charger. Insufficient battery voltage can trigger various electronic errors and even prevent the car from starting. Owners have indicated that maintaining a consistent charge is vital to avert these problems, as the vehicle’s electronics are sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

Tire Deterioration and Vibrations: Some owners have reported swift tire wear and vibrations, notably with the initial Pirelli P Zero tires. These tires may not endure prolonged aggressive driving conditions and can induce discomfort due to vibration disturbances. Certain owners have opted for alternative tire brands to prolong longevity and diminish vibration.

Interior Rumbles and Sounds: Occasional complaints of rattles and creaks from the interior exist, inclusive of noises emanating from the hatch or rear luggage cover, and minor inconveniences like seatbelt rattling. These sounds can be particularly perceptible on uneven roads and can detract from the overall driving involvement.

Sensor and Notification Light Glitches: Spontaneous warning lights and sensor inaccuracies have been reported, which sometimes dissipate after a restart but can persist and necessitate dealer diagnostics for resolution. These hitches can implicate various systems, including the E-diff, power steering, and rear-wheel steering, sometimes prompting multiple visits to the dealer for rectification.


2018-2020 Ferrari 812 Superfast vehicles

Visibility (Recall no. 20V614000)

The back windshield on these vehicles might have been bonded inaccurately, potentially leading to reduced long-term adhesion. A dislocated rear window could become a road peril, heightening the risk of a collision.

2018-2019 Ferrari 812 Superfast vehicles

Fuel system, gasoline (Recall no. 19V090000)

The fuel vapor separator could crack, enabling fuel leakage. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source could heighten the fire risk.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Servicing and Possession Costs

Maintaining a Ferrari 812 Superfast demands a dedication to meticulous care. Adhering to a consistent service regimen is pivotal for preserving its state and performance. The expenses for these services can vary, contingent on whether the car is serviced at an authorized Ferrari dealer or an independent specialist.

Here is the proposed service timeline and intervals according to Ferrari:


  • Workforce, original replacement components, lubricants, engine oil, and brake fluid.
  • Service is linked to the vehicle, transferring with ownership if sold.


  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement.
  • Cabin air filter replacement.
  • Verification of indicator lights.
  • Visual assessment of brakes (pads and discs).
  • Inspection of electric parking brake system.
  • Review of gear oil and top-up if necessary.
  • Check on hydraulic fluid levels.
  • Visual scan for leaks.
  • Examination of front and rear suspension components.
  • Test drive, hand cleaning, and vacuuming.


  • Repeat of the first-year maintenance.
  • Replacement of auxiliary belt.
  • Confirmation of fastener tightness for engine and gearbox mounting.


  • Incorporates all elements from the second-year service.
  • Exchange of spark plugs.
  • Substitute of auxiliary belt.

Here is an approximate estimation of usual service expenses associated with the Ferrari 812 Superfast:

Oil Refill – The starting cost is about $400 from the autonomous mechanic or $1000 from the dealership. This includes not just the oil refill but also a multitude of checks and replacements such as engine oil filter, brake fluid, air filters (if necessary), and a comprehensive examination of various components.

Minute Service – This service encompasses the items outlined in the annual service alongside additional inspectionsand substitutions like the air conditioning belt (advised every 30,000 miles or 2 years). The cost initiates around $1,700, enveloping a thorough examination and upkeep procedure to guarantee the vehicle’s performance.

Extensive Maintenance – A comprehensive service that involves the replacement of spark plugs, air and fuel filters, and other elements, starting at approximately $3,500. This particular service is more thorough, designed to maintain the car’s function and efficiency for an extended period.

Wheels – Opting for high-performance tires like the Michelin PS4 will require an investment of about $2,000.

Braking System – Equipped with carbon ceramic rotors that are expected to last indefinitely. Replacement brake pads that match the original equipment’s standards will cost around $800 for a complete set.

Transmission – The dual-clutch transmission in place should endure the entire lifespan of the vehicle, eliminating the need for additional expenses related to clutch or flywheel servicing.

It is essential to note that each new Ferrari comes with a 3-year/unlimited mileage factory warranty in addition to a 7-year complimentary maintenance program. The factory warranty can be extended by two years with bumper-to-bumper coverage, extending the warranty into the fourth and fifth years of ownership.

Selection of Features

The Ferrari 812 Superfast offers an array of options and bundles for customers to select from.

Ferrari provides a wide range of paint colors, including classic Ferrari reds like Rosso Corsa, elegant blacks, and various special shades such as Blu Tour De France and Giallo Modena. For those desiring a more distinctive appearance, Ferrari’s Tailor Made program allows for completely customized paint finishes.

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The exterior can be further enhanced with varying designs of wheels, including forged wheels that offer a blend of lightweight performance and visual allure. Options for brake caliper colors provide additional customization, enabling owners to choose hues that either contrast or complement the vehicle’s body paint.

Within the interior, the 812 Superfast offers a range of options that allow for the selection of different materials and finishes. Owners have the choice of premium leather and Alcantara for the seats, dashboard, and door panels. The leather is available in a broad spectrum of colors, ranging from traditional black and tan to more vivid shades.

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Accent stitching and embroidered Ferrari logos on the headrests can elevate the unique feel of the interior. Those seeking a sportier touch can opt for carbon fiber accents on the dashboard, central console, and door sills. The steering wheel can also be customized with carbon fiber elements and incorporated LED shift indicators.

Additional interior options encompass diverse seat styles, including racing seats with improved bolstering for enhanced support during dynamic driving maneuvers. Not only do these seats offer exceptional support, they are also a sought-after feature. Furthermore, Ferrari introduces the passenger display screen, enabling passengers to access performance metrics like speed, introducing an interactive facet to the driving experience.

Ferrari’s advanced multimedia system can be upgraded to feature a premium sound system, delivering superior audio quality. Other comfort and convenience attributes, such as dual-zone climate management, memory-configurable seats, and a rearview camera, are accessible to ensure that the 812 Superfast provides as much comfort as it does excitement during drives.

The exterior options for the Competizione model incorporate aerodynamic enhancements like carbon fiber front and rear diffusers, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, and a more assertive front splitter. These elements not only reduce weight but also enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency, contributing to improved handling and stability at high velocities.

On the inside, the Competizione model underscores a race-focused ambience with selections such as racing harnesses and additional carbon fiber accents. The seats are available in various configurations, including carbon fiber racing seats that offer maximal support during high-speed cornering. Alcantara upholstery prevails throughout the interior, offering a lightweight yet luxurious material that is also practical for track circumstances.

The Competizione can be outfitted with a telemetry system that enables drivers to monitor their performance on the track, recording metrics such as lap times, g-forces, and engine parameters. This system is priceless for those who take their Competizione to the racetrack and desire to evaluate and enhance their driving proficiency.

Moreover, both the 812 Superfast and the 812 Competizione benefit from Ferrari’s Tailor Made program, which presents the utmost degree of personalized options. This initiative allows owners to collaborate directly with Ferrari’s design team to craft a genuinely unique vehicle. Choices encompass bespoke colors, distinctive interior materials, and personalized finishes that are absent from the conventional options catalog.

anticipation of performance. Due to the stringent approval criteria, vehicles that have undergone the Tailor Made program are highly sought after.

These automobiles typically hold a greater premium in the marketplace due to their exclusivity and distinctiveness.

Primary Choices
2019 Ferrari 812 Superfast Window Sticker

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Ferrari 812 Superfast Pricing and Valuations

The Optimum Ferrari 812 Superfast for Purchase

When purchasing a Ferrari 812 Superfast, various critical aspects should be taken into account that can influence the vehicle’s long-term value and ownership experience.

Some of the factors are categorized into several sections:

For 812 Superfast variations anticipated to appreciate in the long run, special editions such as the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A are exceptional. These models are more exclusive and boast performance upgrades, making them highly coveted by collectors.

With a production limit of only a few hundred units, they are poised to be future collectibles and are predicted to retain their value better than standard models.

The standard 812 Superfast also presents a solid buying option due to its fusion of opulence, performance, and Ferrari’s engineering prowess. Notable desirable features include the carbon fiber exterior kit, which enhances its sporty appearance and reduces weight, and the front lift system, which eases navigating steep driveways and speed bumps.

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Photo by Clark Atiken

The carbon bucket seats and carbon fiber interior accents are also favored selections for those aiming to amplify the vehicle’s sporty vibe. Conversely, all 812 Superfast versions, whether the standard or GTS (convertible), with appropriate features, will continue to be a wise acquisition due to their renown for being exceptionally well-crafted and among the finest grand tourers accessible.

Furthermore, the car’s condition and mileage are pivotal considerations when acquiring a Ferrari 812 Superfast. Many have been driven aggressively, but well-kept vehicles with minimal miles are more likely to retain their value in the long haul and will garner top dollar during resale.

Hence, conducting thorough research, comparing prices, and seeking well-maintained vehicles with the right specifications if contemplating an 812 Superfast purchase with the aim of preserving its value is essential. Ensuring regular servicing and possessing a complete service record will also aid in upholding its value and dependability.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, priced at around $305,000 and beyond, the Ferrari 812 Superfast is a superb option for individuals seeking a high-performance grand touring car that harmonizes power with sumptuous comfort. Its naturally aspirated V12 powerplant delivers abundant driving exhilaration.

While other high-performance automobiles may offer similar thrills, such as the Lamborghini Aventador S, the Ferrari 812 Superfast shines due to its timeless Ferrari styling and legendary V12 engine. It epitomizes Ferrari’s engineering pinnacle.

If you’re on the lookout for a sophisticated supercar, the Ferrari 812 Superfast is an excellent choice.

Automobile Hacking Strategies

  • Specification is crucial: Seek out any Tailor Made autos or optional hues.

  • Carbon fiber external and internal additions also enhance the resale value.

  • The 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A are exceedingly coveted vehicles.

  • Pursue well-maintained, low-mileage 812 models.

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