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The cruise business has been constructing new vessels. The Icon of the Seas, inaugurated in January by Royal Caribbean, accommodates 7,600 travelers and 2,350 staff members. Currently, there are roughly 323 ocean-faring cruise ships operational globally as of November 2023. In 2024, an approximate of 36 million voyagers are projected to embark on a cruise expedition. This could indicate that the notion has been widely circulated: Cruising is inclusive. Nevertheless, economical opportunities can still be unearthed. Thus, there are individuals who are uncertain about the merits of cruising. You may be acquainted with some of them. What could be their rationale?

  1. I may encounter seasickness. This is a bona fide concern. Sea-sickness may ensue during an oceanic voyage. Irrespective of the technological advancements incorporated into the vessel, Mother Nature ultimately has the final say. Credit should be given to the ship’s captain for attempting to navigate around inclement weather and planning ahead whenever feasible. If this concern looms large, contemplate an inland passage cruise to Alaska or a river voyage in the U.S. or Europe.
  2. Cruise ships are excessively vast. I might become disoriented. This fear is legitimate. Back in 1980, NCL acquired the illustrious liner, SS France, and rebranded it as the Norway. The ship was considered sizable for its era at 76,049 tons and could accommodate around 2,600 passengers. It was so immense that the corridors’ carpeting sported one of two hues, helping passengers ascertain if they were situated at the front or back of the ship! Its length extended to 1,095 feet. Presently, the largest ships carrying 7,000+ passengers and 3,000 passengers are deemed average. The cruise industry encompasses riverboats accommodating 200 passengers and oceanic, yacht-styled cruise ships commencing from 200 passengers. You will have an array of sizing options.
  3. I disapprove being mandated on dinner timings. In bygone eras, mealtimes were adhered to with a first and second seating. Typically, at 6:00 PM and 8:30 PM. Passengers desiring to dine at unconventional hours had the liberty to frequent the buffet at any time or avail room service. Today, numerous cruise ships offer Liberty Dining as an alternative. You could reserve a table at a specialty eatery or arrive during opening hours to be accommodated in the primary dining hall.
  4. Aren’t cabins diminutive? They can be so. Inner cabins might span over 150+ square feet. Most cabins onboard are balcony cabins, extending beyond 175 square feet. In comparison, the average U.S. bedroom size is 132 square feet. A master bedroom might tally up to 132 square feet. Cruise vessels furnish an assortment of differently sized cabins. The more capacious ones, referred to as suites, can be exceptionally sizable and priced accordingly. In your day-to-day life, how much of your time is spent in the bedroom when not asleep? You will likely spend minimal durations there on a cruise.
  5. I am not keen on formal attire. I’ve encountered tales of transatlantic crossings in the 1950s, the golden age of cruising. (This plausibly applied four decades earlier as well.) The day of embarkation and disembarkation permitted casual dressing. Every other night demanded black-tie formal clothing. That epoch has departed; today’s standards differ. Some cruise lines target individuals favoring formal dressing. Others might be pricey but emphasize “country club casual.” Certain cruise liners adopt an entirely laid-back approach. Your travel consultant can advise you.
  6. Aren’t passengers predominantly elderly? Historically, cruising was synonymous with the “newly wed and nearly dead.” Then came the Love Boat TV series in 1976. Subsequently, it evolved into a sought-after vacation spot for dynamic singles. Cruise companies cater to varied passenger demographics. Some might be tailored for “individuals with grown children.” Your travel consultant can facilitate your decision.
  7. I am averse to air travel. Selecting cruising over flying is a preferred choice for some people. It has been asserted that the allure of air journey has transitioned into the charm of bus trips. When you opt for a cruise, you can anticipate a certain level of consideration and deference. If evading the discomfort and expenditure of air travel is your aim, seek out the nearest homeport. Which cruise lines operate from there?
  8. Aren’t children omnipresent on board? On one extreme end, there are cruise lines like Disney Cruises, welcoming families. On the contrary, there are alternatives like Viking and Virgin that necessitate passengers to be at least 18 years old.
  9. Don’t they charge for every minor thing? The cruise arena has undergone transformations. A century ago, nearly everything except alcohol and gratuities might have been encompassed. Subsequently, diverse onboard operations generated revenue. Specialty eateries commenced operations. WIFI became a necessity. Spa sessions or spin classes might entail additional costs. Nowadays you can procure alcoholic beverages individually or opt for a comprehensive beverage package on several cruise vessels. Others have moved towards the all-encompassing approach, integrating alcoholic beverages and gratuities in your fare.
  10. You are confined to the ship’s railing. My spouse noted this observation before our inaugural cruise. The cruise liner is akin to a holiday resort, not a cargo vessel. Numerous activities are on offer. Some individuals opt for a cruise solely to relish the ship’s amenities. Others lean towards land exploration. They may relish a cruise halting at a different port each day. If you long to venture out and explore, pick a cruise line with multiple port halts.

One of the standout aspects is the diligence and care bestowed upon by the crew. Previously, Club Med ascended in popularity due to its all-inclusive structure. Other resorts followed suit. Based on our Club Med encounter, I felt that every individual received equal treatment. (A commendable trait.) On a cruise with a reputable cruise line, everyone is treated with utmost esteem. There lies a distinction.

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