Brand New Titanium Turnbuckles for RC8B4.1 by JConcepts

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Exciting Announcement From JConcepts:
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JConcepts has unveiled the innovative Fin turnbuckle sets for the RC8B4.1, crafted for both sleek style and outstanding durability and performance. These turnbuckles feature a robust 5mm square titanium base for camber and steering links that smoothly transitions into a threaded base designed to accommodate the rod ends provided in the kit. The striking design highlights an extended adjustment area and distinctive “finned” cuts that encircle the center.

This JConcepts set also includes the 3mm Fin Titanium steering drag link to ensure a cohesive appearance and complete the kit with finesse. Not only are the Fin turnbuckles lightweight, but their original design showcases the allure and premium quality synonymous with titanium, one of the most coveted exotic materials worldwide. Furthermore, the JConcepts turnbuckles are equipped with left and right-hand threads, with the left side conveniently labeled for quick identification.

An exclusive JConcepts turnbuckle adjustment wrench is available for purchase separately under part # 2508.

Key Features:

  • Innovative design by JConcepts featuring stylish “Fin” detailing
  • Precision-machined from high-quality titanium
  • Threaded base compatible with existing rod ends
  • Left and right-hand threads with easy-to-identify left marking
  • Available in eye-catching burnt blue and sleek stealth black finishes
  • An aesthetic masterpiece

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