A Dodge Van from the Seventies Converted into a Boat That Could Conquer the Shorelines of Margaritaville

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Similar to the Amphicar or the World War II-era Duck, merging land and water vehicles usually involves enhancing a vehicle’s ability to maneuver on both terrains. In a slightly less versatile but equally amazing scenario, it involves equipping a ’70s Dodge van with a hull and boat components, resulting in one of the most distinctive and awe-inspiring vehicles – The Delta Van Cruiser.

This remarkable creation recently surfaced in a Dodge Van community on Facebook. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a one-of-a-kind piece put together by a crafty individual. A company known as Delta Van Cruiser manufactured up to 37 of these in Pittsburg, California, during the 1970s and 80s.

The seller shared several photos, including a sales brochure from that era where the company emphasized the comfort, speed, and luxury of their premium product.

To create it, DVC sliced and diced a ’70s Dodge van, provided it with a hull, assembled various boat components, integrated a marine-ready V8 engine from Volvo, and affixed a front grille from an early Fox Body Mustang. Additionally, they adorned the interior with a fireplace, shag carpeting throughout, and what appears to be a skylight above the pilot’s seats (I suppose that’s what they’re called? I’m no expert in boating). While examining the photos, I can almost hear the smooth sounds of yacht rock hits – I’d say the brochure actually downplayed its magnificence.

With a bit of refurbishment and hard work, this marvel would undoubtedly capture attention on any of our country’s waterways. The image of this beauty gliding across the water brings to mind the guitar riff in Steely Dan’s Hey Nineteen.

According to Motor1, it’s no longer on the market. A satisfactory offer was made, and it now calls Washington its home. We extend our best wishes to the new owner for a seamless and rewarding restoration journey.

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